This Saturday, Europe will once again hear those magic words “Vägen till Melodifestivalen”. In preparation for the big event the Swedish hopefuls are busy rehearsing their acts–and their talking points. They are giving interviews to attract attention and, even better, votes! I’ve read the interviews so y’all don’t have to. Let’s review.


In a conversation with, YOHIO was asked how he feels about being the red hot favourite to win #melfest, according to a poll where all the participants were asked to name their main enemy. “I keep trying not to think about the pressure everyone has put on me after winning Swedes’ hearts last year. I must work hard, and not take anyone’s thoughts into account.”

As for the poll, YOHIO won with 6 points, while Helena, Sanna Nielsen, DR Alban & Jessica Folcker and Alcazar each got 3. Anton Ewald and The Refreshments follow with 2 points. You can also see some photos of YOHIO–from his childhood to last year’s Melodefestivalen–here.


Linus Svenning has more than 20,000 people following him on Facebook. “It’s amazing to have so many fans,” he said. Although he is debuting at Melodifestivalen, the crowds will know him from his covers, which he uploads to Youtube. “It’s important to have supporters. It’s my first time on TV, so it’s up to my song to make the Swedes vote for me.” His “Hallelujah” cover had over 100,000 hits on Youtube in just 10 hours!

Helena Paparizou

On the other side of the continent, Helena Paparizou gave an interview for SVT in Athens, featuring the Acropolis and the Herodes Atticus Theater. “The money saved from a Eurovision withdrawal won’t get Greece out of the crisis. So, it’s better to spend some for having a good time, which helps the people overcome it.” She also gave an interview in a car for Schlagerbilen, where she enjoyed the journey from her disc company, and stopped in a supermarket to buy coffee! In addition, she is currently preparing her new album called “One Life”, which also includes her Melodifestivalen 2014 song. Here’s the track list.

Save Me (This is An SOS)

As Long As You Are Mine

Set Your Heart On Me

One Life

4 Another

Hold back On Love

Enough- Jill Duet

Groove is The Solution

Crazy for Love


One More Night.

Have a look at the video she prepared for the Greek people, asking them to vote for her: 

Billy Xifaras contributed this report from Greece. Follow him on Twitter at @bill_xifaras. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and liking our Facebook page.

Photo at top: Magnus Liam Karlsson/SVT

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10 years ago

My prediction is Linus and Yohio to the final with Elisa as the dark horse. I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if Helena manages to go directly to Friends Arena but I think she’s too irrelevant with the average Swede now to have any kind of devoted fan base the way the other three mentioned do.

10 years ago

@D: SPOT ON MAN!!! Agree with on the not liking both Yohio and Helena eh eh eh I Loved it. Sadly both will go to the final but it’s never wrong to be honest about not liking singers who are nothing but popularity mysteries lol. @ Giorgios: Calm down with your patriotic over-the-top love for Helena … she might have won in 2005 still I don’t see how that tells me she’s good. @Melissa: The trick for Sweden to showcase “quality” is not to repeat the same kind of songs that show up at MF, not asking the same singers… Read more »

10 years ago

D are you crazy????
I hate your statement

10 years ago

Without hearing the songs I hope YOHIO and Helena get knocked out in the semi. I hated “Heartbreak Hotel” and “My Number One” so if their songs are anything like those I’m going to lose it. My favourites to win would be Sanna, Janet, and Anton, without hearing the songs. I wish Timoteij would come back though 🙁

Melisa J
10 years ago

It will be a really great competition this year. YOHIO seems like a very down to earth and nice guy. I enjoyed Heartbreak Hotel last year, but I am excited to see how he’s evolved his sound. New songs from Janet Leon, State of Drama, Anton Ewald, and the return of Alcazar are also high points for this year (for me personally, anyway)!

And Loreen is great and all, but people have to stop comparing every Swedish entry to her! Let Euphoria be Euphoria! We can trust Sweden to give us something new and just as quality.

10 years ago

Yohio and Helena may the best favourites in the first semi final but I couldn’t care less bout popularity. Show me the real thing, the songs in competition that is and then I’ll make a most honest judgment. So far the only thing I can say is that I never liked any of these 2. As for the rest I will have to wait and listen carefully … maybe who knows I’ll be surprised and be wowed by what these new faces bring to the table. But I am aware that there is no second Loreen and no second Robin… Read more »