After the second casting of Eurosong Belgium this evening, we suddenly realized that we still have a long way to go before we know who will represent the Belgians in Copenhagen. Yes, broadcaster VRT has come up with an ingenious system this year that was probably dreamed up by some 30-year-old on a power trip. (Don’t get us wrong, the more Eurovision the better, but 2 castings, a call back, 3 semi-finals and a final seems a bit over the top, even for us). So, just to make sure everyone is still with us by the time we reach the finals of Belgium Eurosong, we have once again done the math for you. Here is the recap of the second casting and the results for the call back. Who’s in and who’s out? Read on to find out. And don’t forget to check out our reviews of all the artists and covers.

Results of the 2nd casting:

To the semi-finals:

1 92. points     Petra               (song: All kinds of everything, Ireland, 1970).

2 89. points     Yass                 (song: L’oiseau et l’enfant, France, 1977)

3 86. points     Tisha Cyrus     (song: Dûm tek tek, Turkey, 2009)

4 85. points     Axeela             (song: Believe, Russia, 2006)


To the call back:

5 85. Points     Day one             (song: Satellite, Germany, 2010)

6 84. points     SIL                      (song: Where are you, UK, 1998)

7 83. points     Bandits             (song: Geef het op, België, 1991)

8 80. points     Mr Jones.        (song: Standing still, Germany, 2012)



9 79. points     Bastien                     (song: Fly on the wings of love, Denmark, 2000)

10 75. points   Andrei Lugovski (song: In a moment like this, Denmark, 2010)

11 75. points   Manuel Palomo    (song: Eres tu, Spain, 1973)

12 71. Points   Dina Rodrigues  (song: Ne partez pas sans moi, Switzerland, 1988)

13 68. points   Aelia                       (song: Poupée de cire, poupée de son, Luxembourg, 1965)

14 68 points    Soulbrothers       (song: Puppet on a string, UK, 1967)

15 63. points   Maureen               (song: Ding-a-dong, The Netherlands, 1975)

Together with the results of the first casting, these are the candidates that we will see a second time in either the semi-finals or the call back. To refresh your memory regarding the call back, semi-finals, final, jury, voting-concept and more you can click here.


To the semi-finals: (23rd of February, 2nd of March or 4th of March):

1 Udo

2 Nelson

3 Eva Jacobs

4 Axel Hirsoux

5 Petra

6 Yass

7 Tisha Cyrus

8 Axeela


To the call back (16th of February):

1 Joyce

2 2 Fabiola ft. Loredana

3 Jessy

4 White Bird

5 Day One


7 Bandits

8 Mr. Jones

So, what do you think of the jury’s judgement? Were they right with these 8 semi-final qualifiers and the 8 for the Call back of does this jury deserves 0 points itself? Let us know and don’t forget: the Call back will take place the 16th of February and expectations are Ruslana will be present!

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8 years ago

Declaims? There were no declaims :@

Kate Ryan (aka. Day One) and Axxela both had 255 from all 3 experts, and it gives whole 85. That’s still unfair. Anyway take a look 91,89,75 to Day one, J. Martens that gave 75 must be deaf ^^

8 years ago

Over the top? Naaah, look at Lithuania & Azerbaijan lol.
I wonder if we’ll ever find out if Kate Ryan is in Day One? 😛

Good episode!! Loved Yass, Petra, Axeela & Sil. The Bandits are actually not too bad, but seem like they came from the junior eurosong a bit too soon…

8 years ago

I hope Airis (2012) is in the third casting 😀

8 years ago

My fave’s:

1. SIL
2. Petra
3. Day One
4. Andrei

5. Aelia
6. Dina
7. Bandits
8. Axeela

8 years ago

Well, it’s because Axeela had more points, if you include decimals, but these are not known 😉

8 years ago

@Mika: The average score (points behind the dot) of Axeela was higher than Day One.

8 years ago

Can anyone explain me why Day one isn’t in and Axxele is? They both had 85% Thats pretty unfair