We recently interviewed Hersiana Matmuja, Albania’s representative for Eurovision 2014, and were delighted to learn a bit more about Tirana’s leading lady. She mentioned that she’s in her 5th year studying at Santa Cecilia music conservatory, one of the most important music schools in all of Italy. As we get closer to Copenhagen 2014, let’s go behind the scenes and listen to Hersiana in action.

Hersiana Matmuja performances

Hersiana has an amazing voice and I’m sure that will stand out when she performs in Copenhagen. Here are some performances that I believe will blow you away…

Monica’s waltz

Papagena Papageno

Cinque.. dieci.. venti..

Tutte le feste al tempio

About Santa Cecilia music conservatory

Santa Cecilia music conservatory is located in Rome and is one of the most important institutions for music education in Italy. Officially founded in 1585, is is also one of the oldest musical institutions in the world. Its list of esteemed teachers, directors and students has included: Alfredo Casella, Ottorino Respighi, Ildebrando Pizzetti, Goffredo Petrassi, Virgilio Mortari, Franco Ferrara, Pina Carmirelli, Dino Asciolla, Severino Gazzelloni, Domenico Ceccarossi, Fernando Germani, Luigi Ronga, Nino Pirrotta, Massimo Bogianckino, Diego Carpitella, Bruno Cagli, Giacomo Lauri Volpi, Carlo Maria Giulini, Renzo Rossellini, Pierluigi Urbini, Gianluigi Gelmetti and Ennio Morricone, among others.

What do you think about Hersi’s performances? Comment down below!

You can follow Hersiana Matmuja on Twitter @hersjanamatmuja and by liking her official Eurovision Facebook page here.

Stay tuned to WiwiBloggs.com for the latest news on Hersi’s journey to Copenhagen. 

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Photo courtesy of Hersiana Matmuja

Video copyright: Hersiana Matmuja

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10 years ago

Wow, spectacular some of those vids 🙂 Hope her voice shines that way during the performance!

10 years ago

Brava! 🙂