Liana Stanciu revealed today, in an interview for Romanian news outlet, that she submitted her letter of resignation to her superiors the moment her husband’s band entered Selectia Nationala. However, TVR did not accept her resignation.

Scandal marred this year’s Romanian national selection before it even started, when it was found out that Liana Stanciu’s husband Mihai Georgescu would enter Selectia Nationala as the lead vocalist of band Bere Gratis. When their song “Despre mine si ea” (ironically, the title means “About Me and Her”) was sent by an as-yet still unknown jury straight to the final, Pandora’s box opened and many fans and even artists accused TVR of nepotism.

Today however, during a meeting between the artists and the fans and press in Bucharest, Liana Stanciu claimed that she had submitted her letter of resignation early on, but that her request was declined:

 I would like to give up, I have tried to give up. I even submitted a letter of resignation, once Mihai decided to submit a song. I was told that there was no conflict [of interests]. Once I was named [head of delegation], I was happy for two days, but then… when Mihai told me that he wanted to compete, for his reasons, which I understand and support perfectly, I went and told [TVR] about my situation. And I was told, and I quote, “You will not be on the jury, you will not appoint the jury, you have nothing to do with the selection process. You will just represent [the winner] outside Romania.” And then I said OK.

Liana Stanciu also specified that other persons are in charge with organising the selection (Elena Stirbescu) and with the show production (Cristian Zgabercea) this year, adding:

I want everyone to understand this, because they’ve been throwing [accusations] at me, thinking I am in charge with all these things. This used to be the case in the olden days, but this year it’s a different story and I want this to be very clear. My image has already been stained, but I truly hope that people will understand eventually and that they will be sorry for accusing me unfairly.

Wiwibloggs has reached out to the EBU about this issue, asking whether the accusations of nepotism could lead to the disqualification of Bere Gratis, but so far we have received no answer.

What do you think? Do you believe the Romanian HoD’s disclaimer? And what about Bere Gratis, should they withdraw from the competition, seeing as, if they win, it’s going to look like a family holiday in Copenhagen?

Update: In a televised interview on Sunday, Bere Gratis frontman Mihai Georgescu stated: “Should we win Selectia Nationala, something’s gotta give and either we or [my wife] will have to withdraw.”

Bogdan Honciuc is a Romania-based correspondent for You can follow him on Twitter @stingovision. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.


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David Popescu
8 years ago

I’m defiantly not happy about these news, since this can cause “me” some great trouble and confusion with the Romanian delegation here in Copenhagen, since I will be their delegation host for the 2 weeks they are in CPH :/

8 years ago

If her job is to represent the winner outside Romania she has no problem now. It will only become a problem if Bere Gratis wins. In such case resignation will be the best choice and maybe a must.

8 years ago

Oh, poor woman! She’s a victim of TVR. TVR should know that is forbidden to own slaves and that a resignation should not be accepted by anyone, is a right of everyone. We, ESC fans from Romania, will support Liana Stanciu to become a free person. We live in a democratic country, with european values and she respect them so much comming with her husband like a participant in a contest where she is head of delegation. I repeat: Shame on you, Liana Stanciu!

8 years ago

What would the EBU do? – Has the SONG broken any rules? – No.. Therefore what is the point of “reaching out to the EBU” – hopefully they’ll laugh and not bother replying!