Another semi-final, another night of surprises at Melodifestivalen 2014. With Alcazar, Anton Ewald, Ammotrack and Ellionore Holmer proceeding in the contest, that left a few deserving artists out in the cold. Janet Leon should not have finished last and plenty of Swedes accept that. Even with all the heartache and disappointment, all eight contestants still partied hard and, through slurred speech, had the following to say.


Alcazar seemed happy and excited about the result. Lead singer Andreas Lundstedt said“It’s priceless!” They danced and sang all the way to the party and SVT went along for the ride. “We’re pleased to go directly through the final!”


Anton Ewald stopped grabbing his crotch long enough to raise a glass. “I’m happy for the result. This is what I wanted—to succeed. We won’t change anything about the performance, as I’m satisfied with everything,” he said. “I felt great on stage. I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy! It’s a difficult song, but I’ll try hard to reach the top!” 


Elionore Holmer said it was “exciting” and “awesome” to move forward in the contest. But she would have enjoyed the process more if she hadn’t waited so long for the results to be announced. “Now it’s time to celebrate with family and friends!” she said.


Ammotrack went wild and partied, partied, partied.


Linda Bengtzing did not think it was cute when she finished fifth. “It’s shocking and really devastating. I’m dissapointed with the result. When I didn’t hear my name I thought they made a mistake…” the schlager queen said. “However, I’m glad I won’t miss my family any longer.”


“Of course it’s sad. I’m a little dissapointed. But I wanted to show this side of my character, the emotional,” said Janet Leon. “I expected something better, but there’s nothing you can do”.

Andra Chansen running order

1. Ammotrack – ”Raise Your Hands”

2. Linus Svenning – ”Bröder”

3. JEM – ”Love Trigger”

4. State Of Drama – ”All We Are”

5. Ellinore Holmer – ”En himmelsk sång”

6. Martin Stenmarck – ”När änglarna går hem”

7. Helena Paparizou – ”Survivor”

8. Outtrigger – ”Echo”

You can listen to these songs by clicking here.

Photos: SVT

Billy Xifaras contributed this report from Greece. Follow him on Twitter at @bill_xifaras. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and liking our Facebook page.

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8 years ago

I loved Hollow! But I was sure that it will be not voted since the had a lot favorites in this semi.(Alcazar,Anton Ewald,Linda Bengtzing and Josef Johansson(because of beauty) )

8 years ago

I love it that Linda Bengtzing wasn’t trying to be polite in a fake way. I also think she should have been given at least second chance. “Hella natten” and “Hollow” were great as well. “Natural” is a good song, but I don’t like Anton Ewald and his crotch-grabbing performance is not by cup of tea. Alcazar guys were good and dynamic (as expected), but the song was not as good as their previous entries. The biggest surprise for me was Ellinore Holmer. I think other songs and performances were better. Hope Martin and Linus Svenning make it to the… Read more »

8 years ago

vote helena!!! GO HELENA!!! GO SYRVIVOR!!!

8 years ago

1. Helena Paparizou
2. Ellen Benediktson
3. Oscar Zia
4. Alcazar
5. Ace Wilder

8 years ago

Second Chance:
1) Linus Svenning – Bröder
2) State of Drama – All We Are
3) Martin Stenmarck – När änglarna går hem
4) Ammotrack – Raise Your Hands
5) Ellinore Holmer – En himmelsk sång
6) JEM – Love Trigger
7) Helena Paparizou – Survivor
8) Outtrigger – Echo

8 years ago

My TOP 4
1. Martin Stenmarck – ”När änglarna går hem”
2. Helena Paparizou – ”Survivor”
3. State Of Drama – ”All We Are”
4. Linus Svenning – ”Bröder”

Martin vs State to final Martin
Helena vs Linus to final Helena

But I think TOP 4 will be
1. JEM – ”Love Trigger”
2. Linus Svenning – ”Bröder”
3. Outtrigger – ”Echo”
4. State of Drama or Helena

8 years ago

Linda has every right, her song was one of the stroger in that semi. But the audience went for the one with the more glitter and sequins.

Rooting for in AC:
JEM (This modern sound could easily succeed internationally)
Helena Paparizou (Competent and strong song)
Outtrigger (Read down)
Ammotrack (Rock should be represented more at ESC)

lucas menezes
lucas menezes
8 years ago

Again, Janet Leon doesn’t succeed… =(