Unser Star für Kopenhagen is fast approaching, and the acts have been slowly uploading official videos of their entries. Goth-rock band Unheilig has joined the fray and released their clip of “Als wär’s das erste Mal”, one of their songs for the German national final.

Each act will sing two songs in Unser Star für Kopenhagen. So far seven of the acts have been revealed, and the final participating act–a wildcard–will be chosen on February 27. One of Unheilig’s songs, “Als wär’s das erste Mal”, translates to “As if it were the first time“.

We are really enjoying the official video of “Als wär’s das erste Mal”, y’all! Here’s the video:

For those who are outside Europe, the official video might not be available in your country. Here’s an alternative video for those who are outside Europe.


What do you think of the song? Do you think this will win Unser Star für Kopenhagen? We’d like to know your opinion, so write it down in the comment box below!

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9 years ago

Totally an Unhelig song. Love their sort of music, but upon hearing it on full, yeah, might not be the greatest choice for ESC.

9 years ago

he sounds very litesound-ish. the voice is very deep. i kinda like the song. nice beat, nice build-up. love the video.

9 years ago

The first video doesn’t work for me but I’m in the UK and I think that’s in Europe (Smug tone)
Hehe as for the song well I usually love rock and grunge music but this is just meh.. it never goes anywhere. I mean it just stay at a 4 out of 10.