The trio Elaiza won the wildcard at Germany’s club concert with their neofolk song “Is It Right” and will compete against seven established artists in Unser Song für Dänemark on March 13 in Cologne.

The club concert was meant to give a chance to relatively unknown artists to compete for the last “wildcard” spot in the German national selection Unser Song für Dänemark. Elaiza’s German-Ukrainian lead singer Ela met her bandmates Yvonne and Natalie first performed together just last year – but based on their performance tonight you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking they’re already a well-known group with dozens of albums and years of concerts under their belts. While some of the other wildcard hopefuls were visibly nervous, clutching the microphone for dear life or swaying awkwardly while they sang, Elaiza owned the stage, not even overshadowed by their own gigantic accordion and bass.

The contest took place at the old margarine factory Edelfett in Hamburg, which according to the livestream moderator is “sometimes used for fetish parties, but tonight, the fetish is Eurovision!” Germany’s Eurovision 2012 entry Roman Lob was also on hand after a two-year break to perform the world premiere of the first single “All That Matters” off his new album.

How do you think die Newcomer Elaiza will do against the more established competitors in Unser Star für Dänemark?

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James Longbotham contributed this report from Berlin. Follow him on Twitter @jimk1n and keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.


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9 years ago

LOL Fetish parties! Good winner of the wildcard. I preferred Ambre, but this works too. Good presence, good voice, now all she needs is the song to accompany her. I don’t entirely think this show was necessary, though.

David Thielen
9 years ago

One of my rules is if there’s an accordion on the stage, the song is awful.

Day One
Day One
9 years ago

Its a very catchy song.
I thought this song was going to end up low in the scores and was expecting home to win (just because of the pretty boy) But it’s nice to know Germany actually cares about good singers, as the top 3 sung great.