In a night full of anxiety and excitement, Linus Svenning and Helena Paparizou coped the best of anyone. They won Andra Chansen and will proced to the Grand Final, at Friend’s Arena, Stockholm, next Saturday. Given all the stress—not making the final during their semi, having to compete again, and then sitting through two rounds of voting and a duel—it’s no wonder they were all ready to let off some steam. Below you can check out what went down at the Melodifestivalen afterparty.

Ammotrack admitted that it wasn’t a year for rock at the MF. “It’s up to Alcazar now to represent Sweden,” they said.

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Martin Stenmarck: “I am satisfied with my performance, and I would be more upset if Linus didn’t make it to the final. We were very close. I generally believe Alcazar will win. There are many who get excited with them.”


Helena Paparizou appeared more calm during the show this week, which suggests that she knew she would advance. “I’m very happy to work for this project. I feel very sorry for Ammotrack, and the duels are really not my cup of tea,” she said. At the afterparty she turned into a major party animal! She danced, drank and sang “My Number One”, her Eurovision hit. Opa, y’all! 

She also said that she won’t change anything about her performance, as it helped her advance.


 State Of Drama said that there were too many bands in Andra Chansen this year, and suggested that’s why they didn’t go through. “It’s a little bit disappointing”, they said.

Linus Svenning, a favourite among the competitors, took a lot of selfies and drank a lot of champagne with Helena Paparizou. They got dirty on the dance floor together.


Billy Xifaras contributed this report from Greece. Follow him on Twitter at @bill_xifaras. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and liking our Facebook page.

Photo: SVT

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9 years ago

Ammotrack and Martin think Alcazar can win, huh? That would make me happy… but I guess they didn’t know about how the running order turned out. Alcazar winning from the 3rd spot is a very unlikely outcome.