Approaching the half-way point of our Melodi Grand Prix jury, the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – decided to enjoy a brisk stroll around Bergen and listen to Martine Marbel and her song ‘Right Now’.

Martine Marbel Deban:

Martine Marbel delivers sophistication on this number. This is clever EDM. The juxtaposition of her pace against the electronic backing track provides a refreshing twist to dance music, as we know it today. Although not a winner, this is the gem in NRK’s song catalogue. It works superbly in a cafe, lingers beautifully in a cocktail lounge, and translates wonderfully to the beach.

Score: 8/10


How sweet, a Lena tribute act wants to represent Norway at Eurovision. She’s even trying to do the Lena cockney accent thing. I’m not enjoying this song, the only thing I think about when I hear this is that I haven’t listened to Lena in a while. I wouldn’t even call it bubblegum pop, I’d just call it annoying.

Score: 4/10


Ok, another EDM-ish song. I like the overall instrumentals, very Berger-ish, it just doesn’t mesh well. “Right Now” has the lyrics of a party song, but the track of something different. It’s confused. It’s as if Ke$ha decided to tone down her lyrics and try to go to the artsy crowd while hiring some other girl. It’s too slow for a club, and it’s not cool enough for your clearly not mainstream coffee house in San Francisco. Although, it is catchy in a weird way, and will do well.

Score: 4/10


This is something different so far, it sounds quite experimental and the style reminds me of Little Boots. I like how different this is to the rest of the competition.

Score: 8/10


This song is quite quizzical. The chorus is memorable but also like the rest of the song quite restrained. This song is going to rely on quirk rather than vocal gymnastics to carry it through. I think it just about gets away with it and if Martine channels Ice Queen she’ll pull it off. It’s also super catchy which is always a bonus when you’re singing for votes.

Score: 7/10

Wiwi Jury Verdict: 6.2/10

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10 years ago

At first, it sounds like a decent song. But as it gets into the second half of the song, it becomes very annoying.