The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been dominating the news over the past week, and it’s really worrying all of us at We are thinking of all our Ukrainian friends and the Ukrainian Eurovision singers who have represented them. We’re also thankful that Gaitana, Ukraine’s 2012 contestant, is speaking out.

Gaitana is no stranger to political activism or standing up for what she believes in. She has already delayed the release of her new single “Galaxy” because of the conflict. Today, she posted the following message on her Facebook wall.

Gaitana’s Message of Peace

Stop please, people !
For the sake of love and peace, stop! !
Ukraine does not need war! !
Not wanted war! !
As long as adults are at war ” happy future ” – and hundreds of thousands of children worldwide are deprived of the opportunity to live a ” happy today.”
Do not we teach children nashih that creates evil in return multiplied evil and that only love can save the world ?
To who we have become ?
After all, no dispute is not worth living ! !
Where is the love , which is so much talk about and what we are taught spiritual mentors ?
We have forgotten who we are ..
Submerged in sin , no longer hear the voices of conscience and justification for and achieve their goals, started calling evil good …
What then is good and what is bad?
Who are we?
Peacekeepers or a judge ?
Open your heart to God before it’s too late!
Repent in the name of peace , stop the war for the sake of our children and all mankind! ! May love touch our hearts , and aggression give way to compassion .
In the name of God and world peace !

Wow. The Ukrainian singer published her words of wisdom in both Russian and Ukrainian so everyone can understand what she has to say. We’re happy that she has stayed safe throughout the conflict and has the courage to speak out publicly. We’re behind you Gaitana!

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.
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10 years ago

Doamne fereste acert popor de razboi!

10 years ago

ukraine will withdraw from esc 2014 and there will only be 15 in each semi final

10 years ago

Delimiting the permissable and polite avenues for political engagement is a political act. People will vote according to their feelings and conscience. Eurovision can’t really determine some objective truth about which is the best song, but perhaps it can say something about the people and the times they live in. The non-threatening, indirect communication this facilitates between nations is a good thing. The true essence of the contest is healthy relationships.

10 years ago

Despite my upmost concern for the Ukrainian cause and my huge disgust for Russia … as far as Eurovision goes … this will have impact: people will be voting for Ukraine for solidarity and God knows if Russia (whatever the entry) will be slapped in the face due to it too. But in overall I find disgusting that what should be a music contest it is turned into a platform to express love and hate between countries … and voting from the televoters will be based a lot on that. Serious issues should never be mixed with entertainment but sadly… Read more »