Krista Siegfrids may not have won Eurovision last May, but she brought Finland back to the final and championed marriage equality along the way. Despite a backlash from certain broadcasters that thought she was going one-lesbian-kiss-too-far, she stuck to her guns–and the  girl-on-girl lovin’. That independent spirit continued with her club LP Ding Dong. It all culminated in winning the prize for LGBT activism. Not a bad year!

The activism continues with her new single “Cinderella”. The song is built on noble intentions. “I wrote the song to my young fans,” she told me recently. “I get letters from them, especially from young girls, everyday, including suicide letters. Young girls feeling bad about themselves for a number of different reasons. I wanted to do something. I’m not a psychologist, but I can create a song to uplift them.”

photoCinderella will lift young girls, and plenty of men and women too. The flavour is auto-tune pop in the style of Katy Perry–not a bad thing–and Krista sings about standing up for yourself. The video channels bravery and fabulous in equal measure, and clever choreography by Reija Ware creates a party spirit. Krista tells her fans to “hold inside yourself a fire that no one can put out.”

It’s an honest video in more ways than one. Krista takes fans behind the scenes, where she rehearses and lets loose with her team.

She isn’t just taking us into rooms but into her heart. Krista believes in her fans. She celebrates their joys with them and also suffers their pain.

Rating: 3.5/5