Although the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – thought we were in Norway we were a little bemused by Moi’s french name. Hopefully the song ‘Bensin’ wouldn’t leave us so confused – did we love it or hate it? Read on to find out! 


Well it’s weird. That’s a good sign. It’s in Norwegian. Another nice surprise. Let’s see what will happen that makes it exciting… Hmm nothing yet… It’s getting repetitive now… I’m getting bored… Something exciting happen now please! There’s a chorus but it’s weak… Yup, repeating themselves… You’ve lost me. *Switches off at 2:10*

Score: 5/10


Dull as dishwasher. Repetitive, yet forgettable. This song has no mileage, and no andra chanson will save it. It’s quirky, I give it that, but one ingredient doesn’t make a gourmet dish.

Score: 3/10


Well, given Norway’s oil supply I cannot say anything about the country which sends it (I would write a scathing bit if a country without a lot of oil sent a song titled “Gasoline”). This song sounds like that girl/guy we all know who is so into looking hipster, not because they actually enjoy the lifestyle, but because they want to have the “cooler than thou” atmosphere. Subtle electronic bit? Check. No movement into something more dance-y? Check. Some obscure lyric that clearly is an extended metaphor and may/may not have a subtle political message? Check. It tries too hard to achieve something so natural.

Score: 4/10


This song is quite mysterious and I love the fact it’s in Norwegian. It’s really interesting and unique. Could be my potential favourite.

Score: 9/10


Now this is how to pull off singing in Norwegian. Moi makes it mysterious and intriguing. The language floats over the song and the whole thing feels very trance. It’s very intense, dark and moody which I think can only be a good thing in an MGP year that is full to the brim of electropop ballads and bubblegum pop. The only criticism if any is that this gasoline needs a spark to really explode on stage and hopefully Moi’s staging will give her that.

Score: 6.5/10

Jury Verdict: 5.5/10

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10 years ago

Sounds like Annie.

10 years ago

Oh, I like this. It combines some of my favourite influences in a very appetising package.
If she can sing it live … if her voice projects character as well … it might just be amazing on stage.