Since presenting her Eurovision song To the Sky/Tamu kaj što pripagjam to Europe, Tijana Dapcevic has been a musical vagabond, recording songs, meeting with producers, and developing her strategy for Copenhagen. In the coming days she’ll reveal whether she’ll be singing in Macedonian or English. But before she does that the Macedonian diva took the time to get up close and personal with Let’s get to know this Macedonian beauty!

First of all, would like to congratulate you on such an amazing song and of course representing Macedonia! 

Thank you very much, I appreciate that!

How did you get picked to represent Macedonia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

The Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) has chosen me and offered to represent Macedonia in Copenhagen. I accepted the offer, immediately. It’s really an honor for me.

How did you feel after you presented the song to Europe?

Thrilled! In less than 24 hours of presentation, reactions to the song were amazing! Many people put To the Sky in their TOP3 which is great. I’m really glad to hear that people like the song.

Your song is called To the Sky/Tamu kaj što pripagjam. What is the song about?

The song is about love and true happiness because having those can really make everything come true. Happiness should be the way of living, not the final destination.

Some readers outside of the Balkans might not know much about you. Who is Tijana?

I started playing cello at the age of seven and never stopped. I have graduated from the Faculty of Music in Skopje and was a member of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. Besides music, I love acting – it’s my big passion. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I just love life.

Will you be singing the Macedonian version or the English version at Eurovision?

We want to make the best choice and will have the final decision in a couple of days.

How will you stage the song? 

The plan is to make a good party on the stage and make everyone feel the energy.

We’ve heard that your sister Tamara Todevska will be one of your backing vocalists. How’s your relationship with your sister?

When I was ten years old, my biggest wish came true: I got Tamara! I was the happiest person in the world! We have always been very close to each other.

Someone said that there’s no better friend than a sister and I couldn’t agree more.

Are you competitive with your sister?

There’s really no competition between us. I am more than happy whenever she makes a success and I feel very blessed to have such a talented sister.

She also sang at Eurovision. Do you hope to place higher than she did?

We are going to be together on the stage in Copenhagen and there will be no higher place for us to go than

straight to the sky, that’s for sure.

Are you a Eurovision fan? Have you watched Eurovision before?

Of course, I have! I’m a big fan of Eurovision, I watch it every year.

Who are your musical influences?

Both of my parents are musicians, so I was born with music. Classical music has always had the biggest influence on me. It feeds your soul gives you the positive energy.

Do you have a favourite Macedonian Eurovision song?

Macedonia has great musicians and many of those who have participated in Eurovision Song Contest a

re my good friends and colleagues. If I have to choose the favorite one – it is Tamara Todevska, my sister.

Are there any plans for a promotional tour?

Yes, I will have a promotional tour because that’s a great chance to meet my fans and all the people who support me. Can’t wait!

Have you heard the other competing entries for Copenhagen?  

Yes, I have. I follow all the news and updates about the contest and its participants.

Finally, do you have a message for our readers on

Always believe in your IT and sky is the limit!

Thank you for the interview and good luck preparing for the contest!

Thank you very much for having me! Keep up the good work! See you in Denmark!

You can follow Tijana Dapcevic on Twitter @TijanaDapcevic and by liking her official Facebook page here.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on Tijana’s journey to Copenhagen. 


Ramadan is an Albanian-Australian correspondent for You can follow him on Twitter @ESCRamadanYou can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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10 years ago

To be honest, “Same Heart” and “To the Sky” are different songs and shouldn’t be compared. Israel’s song is a hard rock-mixed-with-pop song and Macedonia’s is just a dance-pop party song. I really can’t stand Israel’s song and don’t understand why people love it so much but I do love Macedonia’s. So if it does have to be Mei vs. Tijana, I’m hands down Team Tijana.

10 years ago

Brave Macedonia! 😉

10 years ago

Why is everybody comparing To The Sky and Same Heart to each other? They are completely different, and both good songs.

Although Same Heart is better.

10 years ago

l´ll see Tijana in the final. She is a good Singer and l hope she can get a good position. Brave Montenegro!
Best wishes from Spain

Callum Nowacki
Callum Nowacki
10 years ago

I disagree about Israel.

Israel’s song is more deeper into love, whereas Macedonia’s is there to partay! As well as that, Mei’s song doesn’t flow very well in English; you’ll notice she speeds a lot of English words up, or misses syllables out, whereas as Ms. Dapcevic’s does.

In all, Macedonia have the more quality song. #Top3

10 years ago

IMO To the Sky is MUCH better than the Israeli song!
Also Tijana is a very good singer and have definitely no problems with live vocals. You will see in Copenhagen! 😉

10 years ago

Israel is in similiar style but a bit stronger and I’m afraid could steal the final place from Tijana. Maybe good vocals and excellent stage show can save them?

10 years ago

The English is well written with catchy and enjoyable phrasing, so the language choice isn’t so easy. I don’t think the English sounds worse, just different, so other factors have to be weighed.
Obviously, an English version will be available either way.

Hoping for a live video soon, though. Lip-syncs are disconcertingly restrictive and difficult to watch.