We’re happy that we can finally report some good news coming out of Ukraine. Despite the delay due to the problems currently affecting her country, the lovely Gaitana has released her new single “Galaxy”. As a dedicated fan, I must say, it’s her best yet!

We saw Gaitana experiment in 2013 with a new style in her single and music video for “Aliens”, and it’s great that she’s stuck with it for her first song of 2014. Let’s hope she’ll find time to film a music video soon that does justice to the fabulous new release.

Eurovision fans across the world will pray for her safety and her new album release. They both need to happen quickly! Speaking out about the crisis made us love Gaitana even more, and this new song has tipped us over the edge. Go Gaitana!

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.