Omar Naber may have sung “Stop” at Eurovision 2005, but when it comes to his music he’s all go, go, go. His latest single “Zamet” testifies to his drive.

Naber drew inspiration for the single from a friend contemplating suicide. He wanted to transpose that sense of isolation and despair into a melody, and ultimately a video. Directed by Predrag Rajcic, the video centers around a homeless man who has lost everything including his daughter. Boris Cavazza, one of the region’s most respected actors, portrays the vagrant.

Surprisingly, this is not foreign territory for the singer. Naber currently supports and regularly performs for the Kralji Ulice charity, the leading organisation tackling homelessness in Slovenia.

omar_naber_press_photo3Although melancholy in tone, “Zamet” has had an impressive chart run in Naber’s homeland, cracking the Top 5 on the Slovenian airplay chart. He’s hoping for similar success outside of Slovenia. Naber is currently recording the English-language vocals, and an album of songs both in English and Slovene.

Hopefully the song’s success will give Naber a confidence boost. Although he was considered a front-runner in this year’s Slovene national selection for Eurovision, he lost out to Tinkara Kovachs.

I appreciate Naber’s humanitarianism, and I think his voice has a haunting quality that is increasingly rare in pop music. But I much prefer him in upbeat territory.

“Zamet” may tug on heart strings, but I have a feeling a lot of people would prefer to dance.

Rating: 3/5

Deban Aderemi is our UK correspondent, and contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @debanaderemi. Then follow Team Wiwi on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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Petter Claric
Petter Claric
10 years ago

Nice song … nice video … apparently his new album is out next week …
A shame he did not make it to Eurovision this time … while Tinkara is probably borderline to qualify I think Omar or Muff would have been a stronger Slovenian entry this year.

10 years ago

I really like it. I wish I could understand the lyrics.