Gaitana has had a great 2014. In recent months she has released two new singles—“Aliens” and “Galaxy”—and yesterday she surprised us with a third single entitled “Grooms”.

This dance track is a major departure from “Be My Guest” and “Samiy Luchshiy, both in terms of content and style. Unlike those numbers it’s not a paen to world peace, but rather a lighthearted song about finding a husband.

“Most guys are boring and amorphous,” Gaitana says. “Meeting someone real, courageous and daring is not so simple. Listen to the song ‘Grooms’, and beware—the hunting season for Apollo is already open!”

The steady flow of singles suggests a new album is definitely on the cards. Despite that the Ukrainian singer has still had the time and courage to break the silence about the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. That was difficult. Finding a man should be easy…

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.