Elena Gheorghe, who represented Romania in 2009 with “The Balkan Girls”, has released a new song today: “De neinlocuit” (Irreplaceable).

Perhaps taking a cue from Aliona Moon last year, Elena chose to shoot the video in an orchard, surrounded by flowers and looking as pretty as can be. The beautiful redhead – and Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2009 – is singing about how much she misses her beloved, who is far away.

She writes to him:

Since you are gone
I cannot forget
Those irreplaceable moments
Only you and I at sunrise
And all the irreplaceable nights
I miss you

It’s a cute song and the instrumental, full of trumpets and funky beats, give a positive light to the text, which perhaps could have been more suited for a ballad. The bridge is unexpectedly phrased but we like the change, and by the last chorus we are definitely hooked. A real ear-worm. Welcome back, Elena!

Rating: 4/5

And just in case you forgot, here’s an encore of Elena’s 2009 performance at Eurovision.

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