Tanja will be part of the Estonian jury

Since winning Eesti Laul 2014, Tanja has been busy perfecting her dance moves and fine-tuning her vocals. She has also managed to squeeze in a vacation to the United States and spent countless hours practicing her cake-baking skills. We recently sat down to chat with the “Amazing” Estonian Eurovision representative about her song, her dancer, and her love of food.

First of all, WiwiBloggs.com would like to congratulate you on winning Eesti Laul 2014.

Thank you so much!

What made you enter the contest in the first place?

I just felt that it’s about time for a new challenge. So we wrote a good song and it got selected.

How did you feel after you were announced as the winner?

I was actually really surprised. I am so thankful to everyone who believed in me and voted for me, who enjoyed my performance.

What is your song “Amazing” actually about?

It’s a song about my magical connection with dreams. It’s like an amazing lie that will let you be who ever you want to be and do what you desire to do…

Some readers outside of the Baltics might not know much about you. Could you tell us about yourself?

Well…my name is Tanja and I’ve been singing and dancing for as long as I can remember. I have 6 albums, and the last one is named “Gemini”. It’s from 2012. I’ve done a lot of musicals: “Fame”, “Hair”, “Chicago”, “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Snow White”, “ABBA – Thank you for the Music” etc. At the moment I play Sally Bowles in “Cabaret” (at Theatre Vanemuine), Lucy in “The Last Cowboy” (Theatre Endla) and sing in “Thriller-Tribute to Michael Jackson” (Theatre Vanemuine). I’ve done a lot of TV projects, for example “Your Face Sounds Familiar” (that was a lot of fun ), “Singing with the Stars” and “Estonian Idol” (as the Choreographer).

Are you thinking of recording your song in other languages?

Probably I won’t be realising the song in other languages but we are almost finished with the remix and acoustic versions of the song.

How will you stage the song? Will it be similar to the Eesti Laul 2014 performance?

For my performance in Copenhagen I have some “small” changes and surprises in my mind.

What are you expecting to gain from the Copenhagen experience?

I want to experience how everything is organised, prepared – get a good look what is actually going on behind the stage of a biggest international festival in Europe. The meaning of the contest for me is definitely profound; it is a great opportunity to introduce and represent our small country Estonia on a big stage and to represent myself as an artist to all the viewers.


Do you think you have a strong chance this year since you’re singing a dance song?

I think chances of winning are equal for everybody in this contest but of course anyone would love to win so that their country could be proud – so do I! The song “Amazing” has been made with a great feeling it has my heart and soul in it, it’s a good dance music and I hope to give a memorable performance on the stage. I have worked so hard to be where I am to today, to fulfill my dream.

Many of our readers have said that your act has similarities with Loreen’s winning performance from 2012. Are you worried about that?

No, I’m not worried. It is wonderful to be compared to a very good song and especially to such a strong singer. I adore Loreen and I really admire and respect her. But what concerns the songs… then yes, both songs have this dance music style and I have made dance/club music for 7 years. I’m not going to change myself and my music just because some people like to compare me to other singer. We are not the first ones who make and perform the dance music and definitely not the last ones.

Tanja Estonia

Who is this hot guy throwing you around the stage?

Awww. This hot guy is my long time friend and dance partner Argo Liik. We met 2006 in the musical “Fame” where I had a main role and he was one of the dancers. Besides “Fame” we have done a lot of projects together. He is one of the greatest dancer I known, I can always count on him – he is a very conscientious, fun and nice to work with. I’m not gonna talk about other persons personal life, but you can write to him and ask yourself, he is very friendly.

A few people describe your choreography as ‘it’s so circus’. What’s the deal with that?

Ha-ha, good one! But probably if I would just stand still, people would say, “Why isn’t she doing anything?”. It’s impossible to be adored by everyone, there are so many people in this world and they all have different opinions. Those who do like me they do and those who don’t they don’t.

Who’s your favourite Estonian act from Eurovision?

Evelin Samuel and Camille “Diamond of Night”.

Tanja picture 2

Do you think your song is the strongest of the three Baltic States?

I don’t know, I haven’t heard other songs.

Are you a Eurovision fan? Have you watched Eurovision before?

I’ve been a huge fan of the ESC past 23 years and I have always loved this contest.

Who are your musical influences?

Everybody around me. But my favourite singers are Beyoncé and Madonna, they are the biggest inspirations to me, as well as the Loreen.

Are there any plans for a promotional tour?

I believe that pre-contest promotion tour is very good for the contest success, a specially to promote yourself to Europe as an artist and as a potential winner of the contest. I would love to have one as well, but unfortunately there is no time because the schedule is booked with my day-to-day performances – it’s insane.

Tanja picture 3

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mostly I spend my spare time cooking. I enjoy making different salads and cakes. There is nothing better to relax with my good friends and great wine. As my work includes the constant communication with a lot of different people and mostly I’m surrounded by loud music and noisy places, then my free time is totally opposite of it. I love company of my friends, to listen nice cosy music, maybe eat good snacks or even little dinner and play some good board games.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?


Finally, do you have a message for our readers on WiwiBloggs.com?

Enjoy every moment of your life!

Thank you for the interview and good luck preparing for the contest!

Thank you!


Stay tuned to WiwiBloggs.com for the latest news on Tanja’s road to Copenhagen.

Ramadan is an Albanian-Australian correspondent for WiwiBloggs.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ESCRamadanYou can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page

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6 years ago

She doesn’t need to listen to the Latvian song because she already knows how to bake a cake. And how to make a salad.

6 years ago

Great interview.

6 years ago

One of the best interviews I have read on this site. I’m glad to know what the song is about (because all of these songs about love are getting old, but now that we know it about dreams, it makes more sense with the dancing and is more appealing). Also, I’m glad she’s up front with her answers.

6 years ago

There is something interesting in her.Nice interview .Good luck Estonia.

6 years ago

Okay, knowing this is about ones connections to dreams and the feeling of not wanting to be in reality makes it make a lot more sense, and really improves it for me. This song really is growing on me, I hope it does the same for others!

flower crown
flower crown
6 years ago

More cakes

6 years ago

a sneak peak at the Eurovision stage 2014

Bogdan Honciuc
6 years ago

It’s great to learn so much more about her. I love Tanja and her song has been growing on me a lot. If I could turn back time, I would give her a 9 instead of a 7 in the Wiwi Jury. I cannot wait to see her perform in Copenhagen with the *amazing* Argo Liik.

PS: Wow. Even his name is hot! *fans self*

6 years ago

Great interview. Love Tanja

6 years ago


The stage is out. Even how everything will look like. I don’t like it. It’s Moscow all over again. It’s like singing inside a television set.