We’ve already introduced y’all to #MyEurovisionIdea, #MyEurovisionDance and #MyEurovisionSong. Now we have #MyEurovisionFlag!

DR, the host broadcaster of Eurovision 2014, launched the campaign earlier this week. It calls on ESC fans to make flags out of every day objects and to share them online using the hashtag #MyEurovisionFlag. Into Twin Twin from France? Put a row of blueberries and raspberries on a sheet of white paper et voilà! All of the Eurovision 2014 artists have already created a flag representing their country for their postcards…so this is a natural extension. Love that cohesion!

Instructions for #MyEurovisionFlag

First, choose the flags of the contestants that you will support in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Once you have made your vision a reality, take a picture and share it on Instagram or Twitter. But don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyEurovisionFlag or it won’t count!

The most creative flag designs will win DVD’s, merchandise and other cool prizes. So start being creative! You can use any material you want – I’ll give you some ideas. All you need use a piece of white paper and a blue scarf and BOOM you have the Finnish flag. Making creative versions of the flags can be as simple as that!


I’ve also completed a few designs for #MyEurovisionFlag. Let’s have a lookie…

#MyEurovisionFlag Italia

Italian Flag

The first #MyEurovisionFlag I did was for Italy. I grow lots of herbs and vegetables, so I thought doing the Italian flag would be easy. I used home grown Italian parsley and tomatoes, and fresh bread that my mother made.

#MyEurovisionFlag Ireland

Irish Flag

For my second #MyEurovisionFlag I chose Ireland. I thought straightaway to use the Twinings Irish breakfast tea (I love drinking it). Then I chopped some pumpkin and got some white beans to make the Irish flag. It was pretty simple.

It isn’t that hard so I’m sure you can do it too! You can see other #MyEurovisionFlag’s on the official campaign DR JoinUs website by clicking here.

So show your support! Create flag/s of your favourite/s country using anything you like.

Stay tuned to WiwiBloggs.com for the latest news on 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ramadan is an Albanian-Australian correspondent for WiwiBloggs.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ESCRamadanYou can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page

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6 years ago

Every year for the past 6, I publish my humble selection of the best songs of the festival in my point of view, trying to give an original touch to the postcards of each country. You can take a look at the this year from here … http://youtu.be/sEC_—7_vE

6 years ago

Wow Alex, yours is really cool!! I made a few too & put them up on Twitter and Instagram. It was lots of fun to do, even though I’m no artist 😀 I, um, accidentally put the Spanish crest upside down on my pipe cleaner flag, sorry haha

William Lee Adams
6 years ago

@Alex. Very cool! That is a hard flag to do!

6 years ago

My flag iscomment image

6 years ago

Ohh i want to do that for my country Azerbaijan <3 :))