On April 26, 2009, Wiwi was sitting in his London apartment when he came across the official music video for the “The Balkan Girls”, Romania’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Singer Elena Gheorghe channeled celebration and reminded us all that life should be a celebration. As she said: “It’s time, for me to unwind, I’m gonna start my weekend with gin, tonic and lime.”

Team Wiwi in MalmoShe got our Eurovision juices flowing and we’ve been dripping wet ever since. Five years later our site now includes 30 correspondents who hail from Albania, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. We are students, teachers, journalists, business consultants, accountants, translators, and chemists. But most importantly we are all Eurovision fans!

To help us celebrate our birthday, 31 Eurovision stars were kind enough to sing us “Happy Birthday” and to offer some words of wisdom. From the stars of yesterday to the stars of tomorrow, they all embody the Eurovision passion and love that keeps us going.

You can watch the entire video above. If you’d like to skip to your favourite artist, you can consult the Happy Birthday Running Order below.

Thank you for five amazing years. We’re already looking forward to the next five!


Team Wiwi

Happy Birthday Running Order

Maria Yaremchuck — Ukraine 2014
Suzy — Portugal 2014
Valentina Monetta — San Marino 2012, 2013, 2014
Freaky Fortune — Greece 2014
Sabina Babayeva – Azerbaijan 2012
Stella Mwangi — Norway 2011
Olia Tira — Moldova 2010
Maja Keuc — Slovenia 2011
Pasha Parfeny — Moldova 2012
Zlata Ognevich — Ukraine 2012
Ovi & Paula Seling — Romania 2010 and 2014
Marcin Mrozinski — Poland 2010
Natália Kelly — Austria 2013
Mei Finegold — Israel 2014
Litesound — Belarus 2012
Krista Siegfrieds — Finland 2013
Cristina Scarlat — Moldova 2014
TEO — Belarus 2014
Eldar “Ell” Qasimov — Azerbaijan 2011
Hersiana Matmuja — Albania 2014
Kuunkuiskaajat — Finland 2010
Nicki French — United Kingdom 2000
Bledar Sejko — Albania 2013
Dilara Kazimova — Azerbaijan 2014
Omar Naber — Slovenia 2005
The Tolmachevy Sisters — Russia 2014
Nadine Beiler — Austria 2011
Firelight — Malta 2014
Kati Wolf — Hungary 2011
Sergej Cetkovic — Montenegro 2014
Cezar Ouatu — Romania 2013

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9 years ago

Best moments:

The ding dong march
Marcin and his cute Australian accent screaming “POLAND!!!!!”
“Ahppi blurzday” (Tolmachevy Sisters)
Cezar, of course
Nikki French just being nice
Suzy’s R&B birthday song
Mei explaining about the numbers (Israelis and Jews do a lot of connecting with numbers and fortunes, its part of the culture)
Bledar’s guitar solo!!!!!!! 😛

9 years ago

LOL CEZAR & MARCIN haha, Way to go Wiwi on your birthday 😀 Congrats! There were some stellar sung birthday greetings in there!

9 years ago

Hahahaha Cezar. So great. Also Litesound are cute, damn.

A massive congratulations on 5 years, Wiwibloggs!!! 🙂

Dan RO
Dan RO
9 years ago

Happy birthday!!! It’s only my second year around here, but I’m here to stay ;).

By the way, it was great to see Zlata! She’s perfeeeeeeect!!!

The Russian sisters were weird…. So was Cezar… But I guess it’s the thought that counts 🙂

9 years ago

Thank you Krista for making my day. I hope skiing was fun!!

9 years ago

Congrats you guys! 😀 I’m just a recent reader who came aboard this year, but I’m so loving the site, so here’s for many years to come!

9 years ago

The Russian girls were so cringy

9 years ago

This was a nice video. Happy birthday Wiwibloggs!

9 years ago

what the botox happened to olia tira?

9 years ago

Hersi’s voice is so pure.

9 years ago

Hahahaah Cezar was so funny 🙂