Wiwi: Attitude, sass, big hair—France’s Twin Twin brought it all to their second rehearsal at Eurovision today. They ooze likeability and charm, and boy can Lorent work up a crowd. I found myself dancing along to their musical acid trip, and dreaming of the day I can grow a moustache of my own. They have mastered their camera angles and are really connecting with the screen. These boys have been out singing every night. And yet they still have more energy than about a dozen acts put together. Whatever they are drawing on they need to keep it up. The energy is infectious, and I hope Europe will embrace this as much as we have.

Patrick: It’s a big improvement from the first rehearsal – but still lackluster! You probably all know that I’m not the biggest fan of the song, but even I have to admit that the rehearsal went very well. The colours are wonderful and the stage looks like it is on drugs… Twin Twin is a freaky band and the song is freaky aswell. YASSSSS! I still dont like the Moustache-obsession that they have! They vocals weren’t good either…so they need to work on that.

Bogdan: I agree with Will. Plus, they are very now, what with their selfie-taking and the innovative frame cuts (you’ll see what I mean on Saturday). They improved the most of all the Big 5+1 today. I was initially worried at the first rehearsals, but the guys have obviously been taking lessons and the second rehearsal looked perfect to me, down to the vocals and the BIG smiles. They’ll bring A LOT of fun to the Grand Final!

France will perform in the second half of the grand final

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Featured image: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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9 years ago

This song is catchy. If they are improving I think they could pull it off on the night. From their interviews they seem like they really want to have a good time and to do well. Their acoustic version is also really good so all they need to do is get the crowd going and bring the arena live. Dont think they will win but im saying around the middle of the board? But if they dont pull it off then lower down =/ Good luck though!

Marcelo N
9 years ago

A song like this, unless it is sung perfectly well, is in for a flop. And this is not sung well. Have we learned nothing since Cascada? It’s like uptempo music cannot require a great singer… It is extremely catchy and I enjoy listening to it, however the studio version and sound only.
One other thing that annoys me, I have to say, is the apology of drugs that more than one has made upon reviewing this. Hey, you know, there are plenty of us who do not appreciate drug-taking, let alone condoning their use. Just thinking out loud…

vangelis vt
vangelis vt
9 years ago

From this video it seems to me that the vocalist lacks any self-confidence and they have trouble filling the huge stage instead of owning it with their big party song.

This is exactly the kind of thing that France should start sending at Eurovision. However I wish they did it with better performers…