Patrick: Nice, nicer, Elaiza! What a beautiful, cozy band they are. The girls haven’t changed much from the first rehearsal, and the staging remains a bit boring. I’m willing to overlook the weird dresses because Ela can sing! She has a stunning voice that oozes originality and quirkiness. I still don’t think “it’s right,” but perhaps it’s not so wrong.

Bogdan: During their press conference the girls said that that they wanted to recreate a folk festival atmosphere. Gurls, please. You need to step it up (although I agree with Patrick, you won’t) if you want to make it look like Eurovision. So far, you’re giving me Oktober Fest and I want ESC Fest. I like the quirky outfits though.

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Featured image: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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vangelis vt
vangelis vt
8 years ago

I like the Octoberfest comment, lol.

Nothing different from what we’ve seen in the german final. Of course if this were Unheilg we would be talking major contender for victory. Instead we’re stuck with this…