Emma Marrone, one of Italy’s biggest pop stars, doesn’t follow the trends—she sets them. When wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi recently asked her who her fashion inspirations are, she said nobody. “The most important thing is that I feel well with myself,” she said through her translator following her second rehearsal at Eurovision. “Most of the time I buy clothes in the big shops like all the other girls do. I’m quite simple. The most important thing is that I find the things that I really like and that make me feel good with myself.”

Emma will throw down the crazy when she sings “La mia città” later tonight. She’ll crawl on the stage, and flash golden panties that match her golden headpiece. What’s her advice for keeping the attitude flowing? “Stay foolish and stay angry! YASSSSSS huntie!

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Marcelo N
8 years ago

Grande Emma!! Rock the house down!!

8 years ago

I love you Emma, I love your song… but take care of your voice tonight!! Tutta la mia forza dalla Danimarca!!! Kisses I’ll vote for you