In recent years Eurovision has been followed by a torrent of press decrying the UK’s poor results. That Engelbert Humperdinck came 25th and that Bonnie Tyler finished 19th was a source of national anger…and a bit of frothing at the mouth. “Europe hates us!” so many seemed to say.

Thankfully we’ve largely been spared that drama this year. People seem to accept that Molly Smitten-Downe’s performance was sound and her vocals on point, but that it simply did not resonate with Europeans as much as Britons. Molly, a pre-contest favourite, may not have won. But her 17th place finish continues Britain’s upward trajectory. The positive press in the run-up to the contest also restored a bit of pride among British Eurovision fans. The BBC selection process appears to be back on track.

Now Miss Molly has something else to be happy about. Our readers have named her their favourite automatic qualifier!

Our readers cast a total of 3,922 votes, and Molly walked away with an impressive 1,334 of them—or around 34%. That put her just ahead of Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo (30%) and well ahead of third-place finisher Emma Marrone from Italy (11%).

You can see the complete poll results below. Now that you’ve had time to reflect, who was your favourite Big 5 + Denmark act? Did the actual results from Eurovision sit well with you? Sound off below!

Poll results

1. United Kingdom’s Molly: 1,334 votes, 34.01%
2. Spain: 1,175 votes, 29.96%
3. Italy: 443 votes, 11.3%
4. France: 366 votes, 9.33%
5. Denmark: 327 votes, 8.34%
6. Germany: 277 votes, 7.06%

Actual results at Eurovision 2014

9. Denmark
10. Spain
17. United Kingdom
18. Germany
21. Italy
26. France

Photo: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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9 years ago

I actually thought she deserved to be in the top 10. Definitely under-rated. The songs I still listen to after Eurovision are:

1. Austria
2. Armenia
3. Ukraine
4. UK
5. Greece

Just being honest
Just being honest
9 years ago

The UK is definitely on the right direction now. What they need to improve next is the song presentation. BBC needs to understand that ESC is entering a new age now. You can’t expect a good result with a big voice, good song and dress. They should watch how Only Teardrops and Euphoria won. Even look at Azerbaijan 2013, Russia & Ukraine 2014. Now THAT’s presentation.

9 years ago

One of the worst years ever for automatic qualifiers. My proposal is they still compete in semifinals 3 each and announced in top 10. If they are not in top 10 they are saved by their status. If some are in top 10 another 1, 2 or 3 qualifiers are announced. Some may say it will be not fair to know the names of those placed 11-13 (or somewhere in the non qualifier area in case of automatic qualifiers) but there are quite a few pros: – automatic qualifiers will be motivated to send better entries – those that are… Read more »

9 years ago

mollys song was good. but her performance that night was not as good as her previous performances. also her voice sounded very hiiiiiiiigh..

molly still will have a career i think

9 years ago

Molly didn’t meet the expectations. Her rendition lacked force and charisma. She wasn’t out of key, but she struggled in the low notes at the beggining. And, by the time she performed, the public already were quenched with fierce divas. She didn’t stand a chance. Too bad, because her song was good and she can sing it well. But Emma! Oh my… I guess everybody agress it was such a mess. She was out of key and seemed unconfident with her persona. Her fierceness was way out of the top, and all that crawling and screaming just looked ridiculous. Such… Read more »