“A Bit Of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone”, Ovi’s new album that was released at the beginning of the Eurovision week, features three more duets with Paula Seling, apart from “Miracle”, Romania’s entry at this year’s Eurovision contest.

“Miracle” opens the album and is the unquestionable star of the tracklist from the get-go.

The album ends with an acoustic version of the song, which is not the same that the duo unveiled a few weeks ago. No piano is in the room, but rather cold guitars and drums. It sounds quite charming.

In other Eurovision-related trivia, the album includes a Paula Seling duet version of “She’s After My Piano” (originally performed by 2 Fabiola and Loredana), Ovi’s very own entry in Belgium’s Eurosong national contest this year. Despite not winning Eurosong, “She’s After My Piano” later reached the top spot of MNM Top 50 in Belgium.

ovi album coverAlbum tracklist:

1. Miracle – feat. Paula Seling
2. One Day
3. Girl – feat. Philip Halloun
4. She’s After My Piano – feat. Paula Seling
5. Dirty Beautiful
6. Calling You – feat. Paula Seling
7. We Got Something – feat. Paula Seling
8. Broken
9. Miracle (Acoustic) – feat. Paula Seling

Although Ovi’s solo efforts are worthy of praise – all his songs are catchy, radio-friendly tunes – he is at best when joining forces with the amazing Paula Seling. His solo tracks seem half empty and even “Girl”, his duet with Philip Halloun (incidentally, a “Miracle” co-author), sounds like it’s missing a heart. Ovi has found his muse in Paula and we think they were meant for each other musically. Despite finishing 12th this year, which we know is a disappointment for the Eurovision veterans, we think they should focus on taking their collaborations to new heights and never say never when it comes to coming back again. Our only suggestion would be to take their musical chemistry to the stage as well and leave all gimmicks to the ones who need them.

“A Bit Of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone” can be ordered on cdon.eu, and physical copies can be delivered to Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The album can also be streamed online on Deezer and Spotify.

Rating: 3.5/5

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9 years ago


9 years ago

You were both amazing on the night and without the Russian block voting would of done much better. Hopefully next year the Russians will all have their own little contest and they can block vote till their hearts are content. I must say a big thank you to Paula and Ovi both looking very jaded thru departure at Copenhagen airport were more than happy for us to have our picture taken with them. Romania please send them to Austria 2015 europe love them. x

Paula, we love you!
Paula, we love you!
9 years ago

… without question marks, it was supposed to be some smiley faces 🙂

Paula, we love you!
Paula, we love you!
9 years ago

Can’t wait ????