In the coastal city of Oostende, film makers have started preparations for the shooting of ‘Souvenir’. The film tells the story about a woman named Lilian who once sang for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest. After her participation, expectations are high. But her musical career dies a silent death. She is forced to work in a meat factory, and only the hope of a musical comeback keeps her alive.

Ostensibly the film explores the life of real-life Belgian ESC candidate Liliane Saint-Pierre, who had the honour in 1987.  

In January of this year, Saint-Pierre reacted to Defurne’s plans for the movie: ‘This movie isn’t about me . I never worked in a (meat) factory”.

Yet she feels like film makers have her in mind since the film’s protagonist leads a life strikingly similar to hers. “I don’t like this, I think I will give the producer a call”, she told reporters. Note: the main character in ‘Souvenir’ will also be named Liliane.

‘Souvenir’ is Bavo Defurne’s follow-up to ‘Noordzee Texas‘ (2011), which tells the story of a gay-couple in the 70’s. Director Defurne announced yesterday that the shooting for ‘Souvenir’ will take place in Oostende, starting with the recording of the music for the movie. The musical ensemble Pink Martini will be responsible for the soundtrack, and will work with composer Adriano Cominotto.

The movie has already won awards, even before it’s finished. Defurne received the VFF Highlight Pitch Award for ‘most promising project‘ during the Berlinale Co-Production Market of the Film Festival of Berlin. The film is expected in Belgian cinemas in 2015.

Picture: Bavo Defurne (

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Day One (Marcus)
Day One (Marcus)
10 years ago

@Fatima I’m a vegetarian :p so I think there is something wrong with working in a murder (opps I mean meat) factory.

10 years ago

There’s nothing wrong with working in a meat factory. If no-one did it, we wouldn’t have much meat.