Barely a month has passed since Mei Finegold performed “Same Heart” on the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen, but the charismatic Israeli diva just won’t take a break. She released her new single “Sweet Harmony” to all Israeli radio stations today, and announced that it’s going to be the official anthem of Tel-Aviv Pride. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

The song is a collaboration between Mei, Shlomi Levi, Shai Rokach and the Evita bar in Tel Aviv, where Mei delivered her first live performance of her Eurovision song earlier this year. If you’re planning to attend Pride Week in Tel Aviv, expect to hear this fabulous electronic summer hit on loop. Mei will also sing it live on stage at the main event in front of 150,000 happy people.

Mei tells us that her Eurovision experience filled her with so much energy and inspiration that it encouraged her to get back on stage with her band “Limouzina Express” almost immediately.

“I can’t stop creating since I got back home,” she says. “I already started recording future songs.”

Shlomi Levi and Shai Rokach, who have been working on this song with Mei, are also responsible for the production of the 2013 Evita pride anthem, for which they collaborated with Israeli pop singer (and ex-Kdam participant) Michal Amdurski. “Sweet Harmony” is actually a cover of a song by the English electronic dance group “The beloved” from 1993. Work on the song started even before Mei took her flight to Copenhagen.

Shlomi Levi & Shay Rokach feat. MEI FINEGOLD _SWEET HARMONY_00021Mei says that she always liked the Evita bar and feels a special connection to the place. That’s why she immediately agreed to collaborate with Levi and Rokach. The Evita bar is famous among Eurovision fans all over Europe, thanks to its “Eurovision Sundays” and Eurovision dance troupes. Some fans even plan their trips to Israel accordingly, so they won’t miss the Sunday party. Mei is a regular, so book your tickets and you might just bump into her.

The video for “Sweet Harmony” was shot just as Mei came back from Copenhagen. Lior Nordman, the genius behind the “Same Heart” video, lended his talent to this one too. He just happens to be Mei’s husband.

Mei, who played a rock-star warrior in the “Same Heart” video, has put down her sword and now plays a 1950s pin-up girl. Everything takes place in Tel Aviv. Those of you who have visited the city will surely recognize many of the locations. The theme of the video is “let’s come together”, and that’s exactly what the many colorful people and personalities in the video are doing. The video really captures the fun spirit and unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv. Mei herself says that she’s proud of her husband’s work and thinks he sets very high standards for other video directors in Israel.

Ahead of her performances at Tel Aviv Pride, Mei is already throwing herself into intense rehearsals with her dancers. It looks like there’s a lot to look forward to!

Mei Finegold Photos: “Sweet Harmony” music video

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9 years ago

Mei just never stops being beautiful. I will miss her so much on Eurovision.

Marcelo N
9 years ago

Oh, thanks, Robyn! I’d forgotten to mention I can’t stand the original, though I did like this version 😉

Marcelo N
9 years ago

Zeh mashehu-mashehu! I am not into the gay scene, or clubbing for that matter, but I do wish Mei a long and fruitful international career in music and whatever she would like.
Plus, Tel Aviv is a very nice city (been there a couple of times, actually) and there’s just lots to be enjoyed. And Evita is a cozy little place to visit on a Eurovision night 🙂

9 years ago

Cool beans 🙂