We’ve already heard Azeri hunk Farid Mammadov stumble his way through Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix.” And we’ve listened as our favorite mama’s boy Axel Hirsoux belted it out as well. But DQ–Denmark’s Eurovision 2007 contestant–actually covered the song before those two.

DQ hosted karaoke evenings in EuroClub throughout Eurovision this year. In between gigs she took the time to perform her Conchita cover, and to reprise her Eurovision 2007 song “Drama Queen”. Wearing a big blonde wig and a classy pink ballgown, DQ almost made us forget about her being the tackiest Danish entry ever. Even though the sound quality of our video is pretty bad (sowwie….), you can still hear her near-perfect rendition of the winning song.

After her performance at EuroClub (and a change into some fabulous headgear), DQ took the time to speak with wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi backstage. Apparently DQ does not stand for “Drama Queen”. I’ll leave it to her to tell you what it does mean.

In 2007 DQ was famously upstaged by Eurovision’s biggest troll and fellow drag queen Verka Serduchka. DQ didn’t make the final, while Verka came second in the grand final.

She has applied to sing in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix several times since her performance in 2007, but has not yet managed to get back on the ESC stage. However, she still hopes to make a grand return one day. For now, she has other successes to sustain her. DQ recently won MasterChef in Denmark.

Photo: Courtesy of DR

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9 years ago

I haven’t heard her songs. Are they Eurovision worthy?

9 years ago


Deven O'Kearney
9 years ago

DQ= Drama Queen


DQ= Didn’t Qualify