Romab Lob is back—and he’s finally ditched his beanie hat. Germany’s Eurovision 2012 singer will release his new single “All That Matters” in July, and is due to take his new music on a promo tour of Germany’s clubs from October.

Roman Lob – All That Matters on MUZU.TV.

The sound of ‘All that Matters’ is very much middle-of-the-road (MOR), which Lob does so well. Back in Baku, ‘Standing Still’ secured a Top 10 finish, and the aforementioned track gained traction in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ‘All That Matters’ isn’t dissimilar. This song is crafted with commercial radio in mind and, like its predecessor, soars in acapella format with minimal backing. Roman’s voice carries it so well.

“All That Matters” is the debut single from his upcoming Sophomore album, “Home” which is due to be released in July.

Rating: 3/5

All That Matters Lyrics — Roman Lob

All that matters is this moment when the show ends
and everything’s how it’s supposed to be
I finally feel that you’re close to me
you’re so close to me
I’m just looking now for something real

Remember when we were young
and life had only begun
Children’s eyes were doing all about the ways of life
Look at us, what have we become?
Are we really somewhere at home?
It’s all about the same
we play a never-ending game

You got it right from the start
You look at me with your heart
You see me, you know me, you show me


I’d try to capture it all
but I would stumble and fall
right before my eyes
and yet, it would just step away

The peace that fills up my heart
you got it right from the start
You see me, you know me, you show me


People running through their life just like a race
Missing what’s the point and searching for their place
Don’t you see, you hold a treasure in your hand
Just feel it, embrace it, remember


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Deven O'Kearney
Deven O'Kearney
8 years ago

Roman Lob looks like Eldar Gasimov.