Some Eurovision stars leave their music careers behind them, but not Zlata Ognevich. Zlata, Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2013, just keeps moving forward. Besides hosting Junior Eurovision 2013 in Kyiv, she recently released “My Melody”—a single “for all those in love”.

It hasn’t even been a month since Zlata released the single, but she already wants to listen to your covers. If you love to sing and can sing on Ukrainian, then it’s time to get to it…

All you have to do is make a cover of her song “My Melody”, post it on Youtube or Vimeo and paste the link of your video here. For your cover you can use this karaoke version with lyrics. You have to name your video in the following format:

“(Your name) – Cover: “My Melody”.

The contest closes on July 1st.

The winner will be chosen Eurovision-style, with 50% of the votes coming from a jury and 50% coming from the public. One like on your video in counts as one vote.

The juries will consist of Zlata Ognevich, Mikhail Nekrasov (composer of “My melody”), Evgeny Matyushenko (lyricist of “My Melody”), Marina Levchenko (Zlata’s concert director), Anastasia Druzhinina, Evgenia Neshva and Evgeny Chizhovsky.

Zlata herself prepared prizes for winners! It’s gonna be a cosmetic set from Oriflame. Even if you’re male and you win, I’m sure you’ll be happy to get any prize from Zlata.

Good luck!

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9 years ago

Is it necessary to use the karaoke version track, or can you make your own instrumental?