Conchita Wurst’s ascent from Eurovision winner to global phenomenon continues by the day. In the immediate aftermath of the competition we saw her grace the red carpet at Cannes, sit alongside Hollywood actress Kirstin Dunst on “The Graham Norton Show”  and discuss tolerance on the BBC’s flagship current affairs show “Newsnight”.

One month on and the momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Just last night, 7 June 2014, the American singer-songwriter and multiple Grammy nominee, Tori Amos gave a very special rendition of “Rise Like A Phoenix”, at a concert in Linz, Austria. From her interaction with the audience it was clear that Amos didn’t view this as a joke. She may be a worldwide superstar but she was taking no risks.

 “this could go horribly wrong, let’s be very supportive of each other… I haven’t done this before – ever! I mean f**king ever!”

In the end her modesty was unnecessary, as she delivered a flawless, note-perfect performance, much to the delight of the crowd. The man filming gets particularly involved, with frequent exclamations of “Oh God”, a few sobs and some euphoric “whoops”. It’s rul, rul emotional y’all!

We’ve already seen covers by Azeri hunk Farid, Belgian mummy’s boy Axel and Danish drag queen DQ, but is this the best yet? I think it might be. Here’s hoping there’s a studio version to follow.

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9 years ago

Coolest ever!! 🙂

Marcelo N
9 years ago

It is clear to see she has not played this song before, though she manages quite well and even gives it her own edge. Brava, Tori Amos! Should she continue to play this on her tour, she’d certainly make it her own, which would also be interesting as she has always been known to sing for rights and equality.