Yes, you saw that right. Cleo is now entering the fashion business with some Slavic-inspired threads. She has partnered with the Polish clothing company UrbanCity and is selling various hats, shirts, and skirts as part of her new clothing line, Slavica, which is also the name of her more urban version of “My Slowianie”. Cleo, as always, is happy to show what her mama gave her and models most of the women’s clothes herself. Sadly, she is not giving away any of her unique hair extensions, but we can hope for that in the future. Let’s see what is up for grabs now…


The first shirt features a heart patterned after one of Cleo’s dresses. It comes in black and white, long and short-sleeved, and there is a shoulder-less version of both colors (in which the heart has the letters SLV carved into it). The second one features the floral pattern used in their Eurovision backdrop, in the shape of an X. This is available in white as well. It’s great for your next rap concert! They each cost 79 zloty, or 19 euros.

donatan cap

Donatan is fashionably showing off one of the duo’s signature wide-brim caps. Whether you want to show your Polski gangster style, or just double up on the UV protection in this hot summer, this hat is perfect for you. Nasze jest nasze (Ours is ours), it says, and it comes in red and black for both men and women. They cost 99 zloty, or 25 euros.

cleo skirt

Finally, you can buy one of Cleo’s famous floral skirts. It is perfect for when you want to bust a Slavic move, churn some butter, or just do some sexy housework. It costs 179 zloty, or 44 euros. Unfortunately, the shirt and shoes from the picture above are not available.

There are several other items in the Slavica collection, such as hoodies, which can be found here.

Photos: Cleo / UrbanCity

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9 years ago

The clothes I’m not too thrilled about, but Sopon’s commentary had me rolling! LOL

9 years ago

I need that skirt