Sébastien Tellier may have only placed 19th for France in 2008 with his breezy tune “Divine”, but that hasn’t stopped the beardstravagant performer from having a very busy music career. His latest single “Aller Vers Le Soleil” (Go towards the sun) sees the Frenchman exploring the sounds of Brazil. It’s also something that will continue with his upcoming sixth album, the Brazil-inspired L’Aventura.

“Aller Vers Le Soleil” is a super chilled-out track in Sebastien’s cool electronic style with a hint of bossa nova rhythms. The video is a lot of fun too. Witness Monsieur Tellier in a khaftan wandering around scenic Brazil, amid iconic modern architecture, giant sand dunes, and a crab smoking un jazz cigarette.

If you’re looking for another way to get into the musical spirit of the World Cup without having to watch any football, add this track to your playlist.

Tellier’s new album L’Aventure is due for release on 14 July.

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Sam "Sopon"
8 years ago


Si tu veux s’vanter, lis un blog d’Eurovision en français.

8 years ago

all of you in here cant spek french like i can hwhahah