According to officials at the Museum Ijsselstein, The Common Linnets’ song “Calm After the Storm” wasn’t the only work of art on show that evening. They were really into Ilse DeLange’s lace dress, so much so that they are including it as part of an exhibition entitled “Ongekend Kant,” meaning Unprecedented Lace.

The exhibition explores the value, history and use of lace. According to the Museum, the miraculous dress is a work of art that deserves to be exhibited alongside pieces from various painters, sculptors, fashion designers and photgraphers. It sits on a mannequin next to the guitar held by Ilse DeLange on the big night in B&W Hallerne.


The museum reached out to Claes Iversen, the dress’s designer, immediately after Eurovision 2014. Iversen agreed to have the dress showcased in the exhibition, which runs until the 21st of September. Smart move: fashion designers want to associate themselves with cultured people with disposable income—the same kind of people who visit museums.

Here’s Ilse putting her dress to good use during Eurovision:

Photo Source: (EBU)

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Deven O'Kearney
9 years ago

I am so glad that the Netherlands come back year after year with the biggest smile on their faces, regardless of how well they do. You would think that they would throw in the towel and give up after 8 years of not qualifying and then suddenly get 1 top 10 placing and then a top 3 placing. This should be a lesson to Ireland, who almost always make it to the final, if you work hard and send your absolute finest artists with a world class song, you will reap the rewards of possibly winning. This is how The… Read more »