Earlier this week, Gianluca Bezzina and his band officially launched their latest single “House of Cards.” It’s a brilliant song with great lyrics, exploring themes of alienation, love and personal morality. As Gianluca says, “Our values are forsaken, we’re crawling on all four….your concscience is elastic and love is just a house of cards.” It showcases Gianluca’s versatility and has a real anthemic quality. Funk Initiative are set to go a long way in the local music scene, and, if they play their cards right (see what I did there?), they may reach foreign shores with their music, too.

Paul Torpiano wrote the lyrics and Funk Intiative dreamed up the music themselves. The band is made up of Gianluca Bezzina (Vocalist), Shaun Abdilla (Bass Guitar), Daniel Cassar (Guitar), Fabian Bonello (Sax), Daniel Buttigieg (Drums) and Paul Torpiano (Keys) with Yanika Borg on the Flute.

The band will be the opening act for the Isle of MTV 2014 edition in a few hours.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest Rumours

Meanwhile, our friends at ESC Flash Malta report that PBS, the national broadcaster in Malta, might ditch the Malta Eurovision Song Contest format and replace it with an internal selection. Rumour has it that they have a duet between Ira Losco and Gianluca Bezzina in mind. Whilst PBS has not confirmed the rumour, it might not be a bad idea, especially after the feedback the two had when they co-hosted and dueted during this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and when they collaborated for a performance during Ira Losco’s recent concert in Malta. What do you think about this potential collaboration?

For more information on Funk Initiative, visit their official Facebook Page.

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9 years ago

I actually witnessed a comment on Ira Losco’s FB page that said she should duet with Gianluca. She responded with this, “who knows?? hehehe”. What a duo that would be!!