Despite being our readers’ favourite Ex-Yugoslav act at Eurovision 2013, Who See failed to qualify for the final with their song “Igranka”. Their amazing collaboration with Nina Zizc, (the third most mentioned Nina on wiwibloggs), reved up our house parties all summer anyway.

Thankfully Who See are back with a new tune “Nemam ti Kad” (When I Have Nothing). The song lives up to its title. The song lacks any variety, and there’s a monotonous beat on loop. I may have loved “Igranka”, but this lacks the same flair and originality. However, the saving grace may be the video. It begins with a man dressed as a superhero doing odd jobs around the city. The lyrics suggest he works to get by and that he’s more concerned with living his life—which includes boxing, shopping, turning down a ladyboy on a street corner, and falling in love with an older woman. This is a man who knows what he likes, y’all. This may not translate outside of the Balkans, but I applaud them for dreaming up another regional hit.

Rating: 1.5/5
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“Nemam Ti Kad” lyrics — Who See

Nemam ti kad ko nekad
samo stojat i cekat
proslo je ma i neka
svo to pisanje uz vjetar

Sad ti vise ne radim
samo da od gladi ne krepam
nekad nikne sto sadim
nekad masu procvjeta

Nemam kad da sam sjeban
bespomocno da gledam
zivot kurva je jedna
treba je uredno jebat

Nemam ti kad, tebra
nemam tako mi svega
zato se maknem na jedan
dje vidim da nema ‘leba

Potreban mi je predah
sto mnogih stvari se tice
za sve to vremena treba
a ja sam isp’o iz price

Svoju rabotu ceram
a godine samo pice
nisam navik’o na nerad
pravimo nesto od niceg

Nemam kad se zderat
zato sto sat odmice
nego zapnem k’o vepar
sve klizne k’o iz picke

Gubim vrijeme jer steta
kad prodje nikad vise
nemam ti b’ate kad, sad
pa cemo se vidjet

Ref. 4x
Nemam ti kad
nemam ti kad
nemam ti kad
nemam kad, nemam kad

Pa tamanimo gajbe
osvicemo po pontama
raspadamo preko dana
uvece iz ponova, da kasapimo

Trebjesu od sumraka
do sunovrata
da smetamo komsijama
dok ne dodje murija

K’o nekad nemam ti kad
s’ komadom lezat u lad
bez posla ladit’ muda
i svaku noc u grad

Na after sa ekipom
vazda kod nekog’ u stan
da jedemo frižider
dok bucamo fudbal

Nemam ti kad
nemo’ me nista pitat
potrosio sam masu vremena tad
pa ga nemam sad

Svaki minut mi je bitan
da ne ispa’nem iz ritma
jer im kasiram
samo ako rintam

Nemam ti kad
nemo’ mi sto zamjerit
kad te molim, zurim jer vazda
kad kasnim se smorim

Bio sam svirac kurcu
pa moram da se borim
umaram i znojim
nemam ti kad, sorry

Ref. 4x

Nemad Ti Kad — English translation (“When I have nothing”)

I don’t like to
Stand and wait,
All that pissing in the wind

I don’t work anymore
Just enough not to die from hunger
Sometimes it sprouts what I seed
Sometimes it blossoms

I don’t have (time) to be messed up
Helplessly to watch
Life’s a whore
Who needs to be slept with

I don’t one, brother
I don’t, I swear
I move on to one
Where I see there’s no bread

I need a break
Few things matter
And I’ve fallen from this story

I’m doing my job
And years only sprint by
I’m not used to inactivity
We make something out of nothing

I don’t have time to waste
Because the clock ticks by
Then I’m caught like a boar
Everything slips as from a kitty

I lose time, too bad
When it passes, never again

Ref 4x

We guzzle crates
Breaking apart during the day
In the evening again, a raucous
Disturbing neighbours
Until cops show up

Go to an afterparty with my crew
Always at someone’s flat
To eat up the fridge
While we play football

Don’t even ask me
I’ve spent so much time
And I don’t have any now

Every minute is important
Not to fall from rhythm
Because I receive money
Only if I toil

I don’t mind when I
Don’t have it
When I ask, always in hurry
When I’m late, I get tired

I was a player to my dick
I need to fight
Getting tired and sweaty
When I don’t have time, sorry

Ref. 4x

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9 years ago

The English translation is more polite – the lyrics are actually very vulgar. “Nemam ti kad” in Montenegro actually means “I don’t have time”. Greetings from Serbia