Last May, Finland’s Krista Siegfrids – the Queen of Team Ding Dong – slipped back into her “wedding dress/My Little Pony dream” and returned to Eurovision for a stint in the Euro Fan Café. As we were in the vicinity, we couldn’t but say hello. wiwibloggs’ Deban Aderemi joined the 2013 “Marry Me” singer backstage, where they chatted about the message behind “Cinderella”, appearing on Big Brother UK and equal rights. And even though Finland’s 2014 representatives, Softengine, told us that they couldn’t remember any of Krista’s advice, she still “really likes them” and thinks “they’re so cute”. She won the 2013 Dana International VMA for LGBT Equality – we should’ve given her the Daria Kinzer Miss Congeniality VMA too!

You can watch the full interview above.