ORF has a few more weeks to decide about next year’s Eurovision host city and venue, but our readers have already made up their minds. After counting 824 votes we can now reveal that wiwireaders would most like to attend the semi-finals and final in Wiener Stadthalle.

Wiener Stadthalle (Top Photo)

Austria’s biggest arena earned 35.68% of the vote. Apparently you guys believe bigger is better. The Stadthalle has a capacity of 16,000 and is located within the Vienna city limits, with countless transport links to get people to Europe’s biggest party.

Its chances of hosting Eurovision next year seem to be slipping away, as it is booked out six weeks prior to the actual week Eurovision is scheduled to take place. That would create a major headache for Wiener Stadthalle, which would have to issue refunds for various events involving horses, comedians and magicians.

Olympiaworld Innsbruck (Bottom Photo)

In our poll, Innsbruck’s OlympiaWorld finished second with 27.31% of the vote. The Arena, considered a favourite by insiders, holds 10,000 people, just like this year’s arena the B&W Hallerne.

Here are the complete results, along with some footage of events that have previously taken place there. In the case of OlympiaWorld it’s an actual trailer! They don’t play, y’all…



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8 years ago

Sometimes it frightens me the sense of demanding and wanting to choose things from the part of the fans when it comes to Eurovision: they want that stage, they want that type of music, they want this, they want that ,,,, it’s just frightening how much involved they all wanna be in something that … they know nothing about, it’s of their responsibility and to which they are no paying sums of money to make it happen. Again Eurovision is not another ordinary gay pride event … yet … they all act like it is and therefore … they think… Read more »

8 years ago

One word – VIENNA!

8 years ago

Olympiaworld and the B&W Hallerne are not the same
Olympiaworld is just really small and B&W Hallerne held just 10000 people just because the stage, the floor and LED wall was huge
I really don’t want Innsbruck
Pls Viennna

8 years ago

Someone at Wiwibloggs, please send these results to ORF!! I would do anything to get Vienna to host Eurovision 2015!
One of my favorite cities in the world, it needs to host!