One month ago we asked all y’all to check your iPods, walkmans and other mp3 devices and to tell us which Eurovision 2014 songs you’re still listening to. After counting 13,560 votes, we can now reveal that Mei Finegold’s “Same Heart” is the song looping most frequently on your music player!

The Israeli, who told us all about going into labour after warming up a crowd of 15,000, captured 1,174 votes—nearly 9% of all those cast. It just goes to show: you don’t have to make the Eurovision final for your song to become a Eurovision classic.

Ukraine’s Mariya Yaremchuk, who our readers recently named Best Dressed at ESC 2014, finished in a close second with 1,086 votes—or 8% of all those cast. Romania’s Paula Seling & Ovi, who brought a hologram to the Eurovision stage for the first time ever, finished third with 975 votes, or around 7%.

You’ll notice that Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst only finished eighth in our poll. Is it possible that the song isn’t as strong without the striking visuals Conchita brought to Copenhagen? Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen, who came third at Eurovision, finished fourth in this poll. And Holland’s Common Linnets, who finished second at ESC, came seventh here.

Besides Mei Finegold, a few other non-qualifiers did better in our poll than they did at Eurovision, suggesting that they had strong songs but let themselves down at Eurovision because of poor staging. Ireland’s Can-linn featuring Kasey Smith featured fifth here. Portugal’s Suzy Guerra came 18th.

Belgium’s Axel Hirsoux, the winner of our annual Cruise Ship Award, finished last with just 38 votes. If you didn’t like “Mother”, perhaps you’ll like his new song “Bellissimo”?

Based on our poll, the Big 5 + Denmark deserved their automatic qualification to the grand final. The UK’s Molly Smitten Downes came sixth, lending credence to her wiwibloggs award for Biggest Disappointment at Eurovision. Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo came tenth, Italy’s Emma Marrone came 14th, France’s Twin Twin came 15th, Germany’s Elaiza came 19th and Denmark’s Basim came 26th.

You can see the complete results below. Did Mei deserve to win? Did Axel deserve to come last? Which songs have you DELETED from your music player? Let us know in the comments box below.

Eurovision 2014 songs: Who’s still popular?

1. Israel: Mei Finegold with “Same Heart”: 1,174 votes, 8.66%
2. Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk with “Tick-Tock”: 1,086 votes, 8.01%
3. Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi with “Miracle”: 975 votes, 7.19%
4. Sweden: Sanna Nielsen with “Undo”: 760 votes, 5.60%
5. Ireland: Can-linn feat Kasey Smith with “Heartbeat”: 708 votes, 5.22%
6. United Kingdom: Molly Smitten-Downes with “Children of the Universe”: 684 votes, 5.04%
7. Netherlands: The Common Linnets with “Calm After the Storm”: 607 votes, 4.48%
8. Austria: Conchita Wurst with “Rise like a Phoenix”: 584 votes, 4.31%
9. Spain: Ruth Lorenzo with “Dancing in the Rain”: 469 votes, 3.46%
10. Poland: Donatan and Cleo with “Slavic Girls”: 411 votes, 3.03%
11. Armenia: Aram Mp3 with “Not Alone”: 387 votes, 2.85%
12. Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd with “Rise Up”: 370 votes, 2.73%
13. Switzerland: Sebalter with “Hunter of Stars”: 351 votes, 2.59%
14. Italy: Emma Marrone with “La Mia Citta”: 342 votes, 2.52%
15. France: Twin Twin with “Moustache”: 328 votes, 2.42%
16. Slovenia: Tinkara Kovach with “Spet/Round and Round”: 326 votes, 2.40%
17. Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders with “Running”: 317 votes, 2.34%
18. Portugal: Suzy with “Quero Ser Tua”: 291 votes, 2.15%
19. Germany: Elaiza with “Is it Right”: 278 votes, 2.05%
20. Estonia: Tanja with “Amazing”: 271 votes, 2%
21. Norway: Carl Espen with “Silent Storm”: 260 votes, 1.92%
22. San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Maybe”: 250 votes, 1.84%
23. Russia: The Tolmachevy Twins with “Shine”: 249 votes, 1.84%
24. Finland: Softengine with “Something Better”: 239 votes, 1.76%
25. Azerbaijan: Dilara with “Start a Fire”: 215 votes, 1.59%
26. Denmark: Basim with “Cliché Love Song”: 204 votes, 1.50%
27. FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapcevic with “To the Sky”: 195 votes, 1.44%
28. Montenegro: Sergej Cetkovic with “Moj svijet” (My World): 167 votes, 1.23%
29. Belarus: Teo with “Cheesecake”: 161 votes, 1.19%
30. Iceland: Pollapönk with “No prejudice”: 144 votes, 1.06%
31. Lithuania: Vilija Mataciunaite with “Attention”: 132 votes, 0.97%
31. Moldova: Cristina Scarlat with “Wild Soul”: 132 votes, 0.97%
33. Malta: Firelight with “Coming Home”: 128 votes, 0.94%
34. Georgia: The Shin with “Three Minutes to Earth”: 126 votes, 0.93%
35. Albania: Hersiana Matmuja with “One Night’s Anger”: 119 votes, 0.88%
36. Latvia: Aarzemnieki with “Cake to Bake”: 82 votes, 0.60%
37. Belgium: Axel Hirsoux with “Mother”: 38 votes, 0.28%

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9 years ago

Still Listening to:
1. Romania – Miracle
2. Israel – Same Heart
3. Slovenia – Round and Round
4. Norway – Silent Storm
5. Ukraine – Tick tock
6. Hungary – Running
7. Eire – Heartbeat
8. Malta

9 years ago

3rd !

9 years ago

Three uptempo tracks … expected …

9 years ago

I cannot stop listening to Children of the Universe, Undo, and Same Heart.
I bought the whole CD but, I swear!, I had never listened to Mother from Belgium. uh

9 years ago

Still listening to:
– Italy
– Armenia
– France
– Hungary
Also, still listening to songs from previous contests as well
– Italy ( 2012, 2013)
– Sweden ( 2012, 2013)
– Denmark (2013)
– Ireland (2013)

9 years ago

I still listen to
1) Italy – for some reason I fell in love with this song after Eurovision.
2) Sweden – Love the song
3) Armenia – Yep, one of my favs
4) Austria – Still loving the message
5) Greece – Party in my head

9 years ago

Really wanted Ukraine to win! U CRAY N!!!!

9 years ago

Hell yeah, it’s Mei all the way! But it’s not because of the fact that she hadn’t earn a place in the finals. It’s just that her song sincerely stands out among the rest.

9 years ago

Yehey for my favorite song at my favorite number!!! Undo for Sweden @ #4!!! Also yehey for Same Heart coz it is my number 2 favorite at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!!!