Conchita Wurst, Europe’s queen of tolerance, has already told us that she’s totally excited for Vienna. Now, in an interview with, she has revealed, among other things, her thoughts on winning, how her life has changed, and her desire to host the Eurovision 2015 green room. Let’s take a look.

Why Austria won in 2014

“I don’t know (what was different this time). I think it’s not depending on country if you have good act or not. If everything is in the right place, everything is in the right place. It was just the whole package which worked out, it wasn’t because of Austria. There’s no particular reason why it worked out for Austria, it worked out for me.”

About Vienna as host city

I know my city quite good. It’s gonna be fabulous, it’s gonna be a bit over the top because Vienna is a bit over the top. With this huge opportunity to create this Eurovision Song Contest, I think it’s gonna be great. Two weeks of fabulousness.”

“I’m beyond happy. I would have been happy with any other city because I think it was a great opportunity for all the cities in Austria to participate in this little kind of competition and that they put an effort on showing their city and that was great. But I think, you know, it’s 60 years of Eurovision and in my mind I pictured it in Vienna from the very beginning and I’m very happy that it’s actually in Vienna.”

“Of course (I will be part of Eurovision in Vienna). I would love to host the green room, I would love do that. And of course I want to sing every single night.”

About her life after Eurovision

“I love my life like this, I think I prepared myself as far as I can remember to have a busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me is not really exhausting, but don’t get me wrong. Of course it’s exhausting when it comes to the end of the day, everybody of us is.”

“I’m not gonna leave on holiday, no way, there’s not a time to go on vacations right now. I need to go to the studio, I need to make a fabulous album, I need to work, I just don’t want to lay around for too long.”

About new music

“Expect nothing at all. I don’t know. I said that before, I’m not good when it comes to writing songs, I really need people who are more talented than me in this particular case. I got some very good stuff and now we are selecting, we are trying out, we are changing keys and doing this and that and try in a different style and this is what we do. I really take this time to deliver something good because now I have some more people that I could disappoint so I don’t want to disapoint anybody.”

“I want to do an album for sure. I need to have an album at first for myself because I’m doing music in the public eye since 2007 and I haven’t managed to record a full album on my own. So this is what I need to do.”



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9 years ago

Sanna kept it classy even at the end.