It’s been over a year since we first heard Gianluca Bezzina perform ‘Tomorrow’ in Malmö. Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2013, ‘Tomorrow’ took Malta into the top 10 at Eurovision 2013, and it even cracked the UK Top 40. Malta gave the singing doctor a hero’s welcome when he returned home. They bought his single, too, sending it to the top of the Maltese charts.

Three months later, he released the parent album which kept the applause going. “Picture”, one of the 10 songs on the album, has just had its video release. Directed by Fabrizio Fenech, the video takes the form of a motion picture depicting a love story: Ginaluca and his band perform on a rootop, providing the soundtrack to an unfolding boy-girl romance.

Musically, this is a radio-friendly number that Dr Bezinna sings from the heart. One might suggest that this is another drive time-easy listening pop tune. It is, but Gianluca’s delivery makes this feel more honest than your standard pop song.

Although Bezinna’s sound hasn’t evolved on this single, he remains likeable. ‘Picture’ will remind fans precisely why they love him.

WATCH: Gianluca Bezzina’s video for Picture

Rating: 3.5/5

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8 years ago

Like the smiling doctor