After a wonderful weekend in San Marino, guided by the wonderful Queen Valentina Monetta, Wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi made it to his next destination in Basel, Switzerland. Anna Rossinelli, the frontwoman of the band who represented Switzerland in 2011, welcomed us into her home, and was happy to treat us to an amazing live performance that you can see here.

Anna, who is not afraid to use her sailor mouth, talks about the lack of pressure she felt representing a country with a poor track record, the split between jury and televotes, and her campaign to fight AIDS worldwide. She also discusses how the broadcaster accidentally named the band with her name only, while pianist Georg chimes in on whether he minds performing under Anna’s name. The duo also talks about their selection for the Sochi Winter Olympics soundtrack, the re-release of Marylou, and their upcoming plans.

Anna Rossinelli is in no rush to get their next album out.

Speaking of their upcoming plans, they have stated that they do not plan on making a new album for a while. They don’t write music for anyone but themselves, so when they feel the creative juices flowing again, they will get cracking on a third album. They instead wish to continue playing music together in the streets and bars. wiwibloggs is waiting impatiently to hear more!

Finally, Anna said that she would definitely come back to Eurovision, for either Switzerland or the United Kingdom. She’s still super grateful that the Brits gave her ten points, although she hinted that she believes her breasts were a big part of that… (skip to 2:34 for that one).

Anna Rossinelli finished last in the grand final in Düsseldorf with the song “In Love For A While“. Check out their performance here.

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7 years ago

This was my 2nd favorite of 2011.

7 years ago

Anna is great! Love her music 🙂 she really has developped her own style after her participation.