Netflix’s hit series “Orange is the New Black” is blowing up on social media. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the comedy-drama about women-behind-bars. But naturally we’re bringing it back to Eurovision. Below please enjoy 17 More Signs You’re a Eurovision Fanatic, as told through GIFs from the series.

1. When Eurovision season starts, you get in the zone:

Maybe with a little more dancing, but still.

2. When your friends/family/co-workers/people you have to deal with don’t get the importance and artistic meaning of certain entries, you start getting deep:

3. But when somebody goes too far and insults your favorite country or entry, you get cray:

That cray.

4. Artists claiming that they are above Eurovision really miff you off…

5. This is how you imagine the UK’s next act:

6. You get very sassy, very sassy when discussing why your favourite should win:

7. Whenever somebody discusses the possibility of your favorite entry qualifying for the final, despite having really bad odds:

8. Watching your least favorite entry do poorly in the final or fail to qualify brings you a whole lot of joy:

9. When fans say that they don’t like entries being sung in native languages, you say:

10. Yet you still try to defend some very obscure lyrics:

11. Your favorite entries make you dance like crazy:

12. Hearing non-ESC music during Eurovision season confuses you:

13. You agree that some of the outfits are tacky, but you still love them anyway:

14. Hearing an unpopular opinion about the contest goes like this:

15. When you look at the split jury-televote results and you see that the public didn’t support your favorite act, you go all:

16. And when your favorite entry delivers a terrible stage performance:

17. But you watch all the entries again, bad outfits and all:

What do you think? Which GIFs do you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 years ago

ahahahah!! No. 5 is just Precious!!! 😉

9 years ago


9 years ago

WONDERFUL!! My two favourite shows in one!! <3.

I'm sooooo Chang at number 11!! ^^.

9 years ago

No 10 just made my day.

9 years ago

Nr 8 should be ”When you see a entry that you hate, but everyone else in europe loves, flops hard in the final.”