What sounds better than one Eurosong Belgium finalist? Two Eurosong Belgium finalists! Udo and SIL didn’t despair after the finals of Eurosong Belgium 2014 and have instead joined forces. The result of this collaboration is ‘Broken Smile‘—a song about trust, love and rediscovering yourself.

Their voices blend wonderfully and the song itself is pretty slick. The duo seem to have musical and personal chemistry. Udo says they developed a strong friendship during Eurosong and wanted to keep the magic going. You can read the full story behind the song and the two artists working together here.

SIL and Udo also performed together during the broadcasting marathon ‘Steun Studenten’ of Flemish radio broadcaster MNM. For that they brought the more sensitive song ‘Say Something‘ (originally by Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World).

Although it’s the turn of French broadcaster RTBF to choose Belgium’s Eurovision contestant this year, Belgium should really consider sending these two Flemish artists as a duo to Vienna. Team Wiwi would totally support that!


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