Back in July Anggun unveiled her hot new single “Right Place Right Time” on Indonesia’s Got Talent. And earlier this week she performed it live as part of Dreamfields Bali, the first large-scale electronic dance music festival in Indonesia. Anggun had already won us over with her new electronic sound via the official lyric video, but watching her perform in front of this huge audience in her native country takes our admiration to a whole new level.

Audience members were definitely in the right place at the right time. Unlike Auto-Tune artists who use electronic music as a bandage to cover up their lacklustre vocals, Anggun brings powerhouse vocals to the genre. Her voice is as sexy and smoky as ever. Yes, mama!

Anggun sings “Right Place Right Time” at Dreamfields Bali

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rizky pierr
rizky pierr
9 years ago

Me proud, we have Anggun!!! Woohoooooo the performance was awesomeee!!!