TVR, Belarus’ state broadcaster, has just launched details of its national selection for Junior Eurovision 2014.

The final will take place on August 29 at 22:00 and will be broadcast live on the Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 TV channels. Yes, that is well past most kids’ bed time!

According to the results of a draw, the contestants will perform in the following order:

1. Yulia Levina, “Zhuravy”
2. Anna Ermakovich, “Mama, eto ya!”
3. Nadezhda Misyakova, “Sokol”
4. Vladislava Doroshevich, “Ya veryu v svoyu mechtu!”
5. Elena Titova, “Stsena”
6. Darya Atroshenko, “Spoyot solntse”
7. Angelina Pipper, “Vyshe vsekh”
8. Ksenia and Pavel Lashchevsky, “Mamina lyubov”
9. Antoni Konoplyanik, “Mister perviy”
10. Anna Zaitseva, “Geta moy lyos”

The final show will be hosted by Eurovision 2014 participant Teo (Yuri Vashchuk) and Junior Eurovision 2013 bronze medalist Ilya Volkov, who have prepared a musical surprise for the viewers.

The winner of the national qualifying round, who will represent Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on November 15 in Malta, will be determined by the professional jury and the viewers.

You can see more of our Junior Eurovision 2014 coverage by clicking here

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9 years ago

Angelina was robbed last year. This song is even better. Go Pipper!

9 years ago

Same as D below. I hope that Nadezhda wins, I’m sorry for Angelina, but I think “Sokol” is a better stage song. It’s a pity that Belarus broadcasts its show on the time little children sleep. I think that children must have a bigger voice in Junior Eurovision, because it’s a show for THEM, not for adults.

9 years ago

If Angelina Pipper or Nadezhda Misyakova win, Belarus will be on the right track for a 3rd victory. Anna Zaitseva is really good too but I’m not sure if she can win JESC since her song is more just for listening than competing in a competition. 1- Nadezhda Misyakova 2- Angelina Pipper 3- Anna Zaitseva 4- Darya Atroshenko 5- Ksenia & Pavel 6- Anna Ermakovich 7- Vladislava Doroshevich 8- Elena Titova 9- Julia Levina 10- Antoni Konoplyanik Honestly this is the strongest Junior Eurovision national selection I’ve ever seen and one of the best national selections in general I’ve ever… Read more »

9 years ago

Two words – Angelina, Pipper.