Mihai Traistariu, the Romanian star who brought us one of the most memorable Eurovision anthems “Tornero” in 2006, has discovered the art of selfies and has been crowning himself “Selfie King”.

While on a Romanian TV show where he presented his new post hair implant look, Mihai Traistariu admitted that he has been going overboard lately with loads of selfies on his Facebook page. He does enjoy looking in the mirror and sharing what he sees with the world.

After the resounding success of “Tornero”, Mihai Traistariu enjoyed being in the limelight and he tried to bank on his newfound fame. Some business ventures failed while other took off, and he is now a voice coach on a talent show and an animal rights activist. One thing that made him sad was hair loss and his hair implant surgery made headlines in Romania. Now, however, Mihai is happy with his new hair and new physique. Not only has he been to the gym lately, he’s also posted photos of himself in a salon having his body hair removed, to the delight of the tabloid press.

If only he could implant it on his head instead!
If only he could implant it on his head instead!

Unphased, Mihai continues to post selfies from wherever he goes, usually in front of a bathroom mirror. (Perhaps someone could tell him that he doesn’t need a mirror to take selfies? Just saying!)

In ESC-related news, Mihai Traistariu also announced during the same interview that he plans to return to the Eurovision stage and that he is currently looking for inspiration. We hope that he won’t chicken out again at the last minute, like he did this year. And who knows, if Romania participates next year despite fears that it may not, maybe his “Tornero” promise would finally come true in 2015.

Until then, what do you think about Mihai’s new look and about his selfie-taking skills? Do you have any advice for him?

Photo: www.facebook.com/Mihai.Traistariu

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Padraig Muldoon
9 years ago

Lol, that picture is definitely one of his very few good selfies, nearly all the ones on his facebook page are horrific :\

9 years ago

One Kardashian is sick enough already, there or more is way over our mental budget to bare … a Mihai is just crossing the line of human sanity. Whatever draws these people to be this egocentric is beyond my understanding. Plus: does he really need this to say he’s gay? Wouldn’t just wording out those three words be enough?