Every summer, in early July, Split the second biggest town of Croatia, prepares to host the main event of summer: the Splitski Festival. This year was no exception—and it was even bigger, with 2 additional concerts following the final evening.

The final evening consisted of 21 songs competing for the Grand Prix. Amongst the 21 fabulous acts were several familiar faces from Europe’s favourite TV show.

Marko Skugor, Alen Nizetic, Duje Coce feat. klapa Ciovo and Robert Kurbasa

The first tenor of Klapa s Mora competed with 3 other guys and one klapa, performing a sentimental song called ‘Devet Slova Jedne Rici’ (Nine letters of one word). The song is dedicated to the region of Dalmatia and primarily to late tenor Vinko Coce, who was Marko’s early inspiration. You may recognize Alen, as he competed at the Croatian national selection Dora several times during the ’90’s and 00’s, while Robert Kurbasa is a very popular actor in the region. They won the Grand Prix (and most of the votes from the audience). The song is often heard on radio stations, and many music experts claim it is the best song from Marko Skugor. Ever.

Andrea Susnjara with Magazin band

Andrea, who competed for Croatia in 2009 with hunky Igor Cukrov, has been the lead singer of the Magazin band since 2010. The group is a familiar name at the Splitski Festival, having performed for the 5th time in a row. The song, entitled ‘No,No,No’, is very catchy and summery. It doesn’t sound overly smart on first listen, but it is a real earworm. Once you hear it, you catch onononono fever for at least 2 days. Despite being one of the most memorable acts of the evening, the group left without any trophies or awards.

Petar Graso

Petar co-wrote the lyrics of ‘Neka Mi Ne Svane’, a song performed by Danijela Martinovic at Eurovision 1998, which is the second best placed song for Croatia ever (coming second). His song, ‘Uvik isti’ (Always the same) marks his comeback to the music world after an 11-year break. The jury welcomed him with open arms, and ranked him first. ‘Uvik isti’ is not as memorable as ‘No No No’, but it is pure class. Petar tells us it is important not to change yourself as the wind blows.

Memorable lyrics: And here goes the old rule/and it is well known/ Either you are a soul, or zero of a human

Danijela Martinovic

The biggest surprise of the evening was when Danijela Martinovic stepped on stage to sing her song ‘Naivno Malo Pile’ (Naive Little Chick). It isn’t the most fitting title in the world for such a mystical ballad, but her performance left us with our mouths wide open. Wearing a black mermaid dress and holding the boys in check, she proved she’s still in the game. Is it time to bring her back to Eurovision? Why not, she has already told she would love to do it again.

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9 years ago

Oh yeah, Danijela to come back to the whole thing!!!!