Waylon planned to release his new album on the 5th of September. But Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad got impatient and decided to throw the whole thing online this morning. We had the pleasure of listening to it, accompanied by a cup of morning coffee, and we must say: there’s a lot of ‘honkey tonk’, but he plays that card very well…

‘Heaven After Midnight’ contains 12 songs and has a little bit of everything. Waylon surprises us with emotional, ballad-like songs including ‘Giving Up That Easy’ and ‘Love Me’. For the folks among us that like it more on the wild side, we recommend ‘Dog’s Life’. Dealing with a break up? ‘Easy Over You’ on repeat will get you back on your feet. ‘Let It Pour’ showcases the rawness of Waylon’s voice. And of course there is ‘Love Drunk’, which was released earlier this week.

Songs on the album:

1) Let It Pour

2) Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

3) Easy Over You

4) This Rodeo

5) Sad Song

6) Somewhere In The Middle

7) Love Drunk

8) Giving Up Easy

9) Finally Home

10) Heaven After Midnight

11) Dog’s Life

12) Love Me

You can listen to the full album here (available in Europe only).

Waylon also took a moment to reflect on his time with Ilse and told Dutch Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf‘ that the solo-record was almost done before he started the adventure with the Common Linnents: ‘I didn’t mind the delay. Until now’. He acknowledges that there are still tensions between him and Ilse, but also that he looks back on the Common Linnets with pride. You can read the full interview here.

Several hours before the release of the album on Algemeen Dagblad, Waylon tweeted an old article about the Common Linets and how they were chosen to represent the Netherlands, when things were still going great between him and Ilse. The message he added: ‘Have a good night, everyone! No more tears. #Beautiful words’.

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