*WARNING – this post contains graphic images some readers may find upsetting*

Molly may preach power to the people but not when that extends to mass whale murder.

The British Eurovision singer took to Facebook to vent her frustration with Faroese ‘Grindadráp’ or ‘whale hunts’.

Molly suggested no-one in their right mind could think the murder of whales in the Faroe Islands was acceptable.

She also asked what relevance the largely traditional practice of Faroese whaling had in 2014.

She raised the issue after sharing a status update from Captain Paul Watson – a noted ecological activist, most famous for his opposition to Japanese whaling.

Team Wiwi is totally with Molly on this one. Whale slaughter is not cute and we hope others will follow Molly’s example and speak out on the issue.

Whales are intelligent creatures to be cherished y’all!

The whaling in the Faroe Islands debate in brief:

Faroese whaling dates back over 400 years but has come under intense scrutiny in recent years due to international legislation banning commercial whaling and increasing global conservation initiatives.

Critics have called the practice immoral but supporters point toward the cultural heritage of the whale hunt for the islands.

Sources: Daily Telegraph, Molly Smitten-Downes FB, USA Today, Daily Mail, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Photo Credit: Sunday Express

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8 years ago

It goes without saying that killing animals for fun is just terrifying and sickening. We should already know that from the heart. As for Molly, she sure has the guts to have a stand against this matter and I give her props for sharing her thoughts on different social media websites.

8 years ago

I’m a vegetarian and active supporter of PETA and animal rights so I definitely agree with Molly on this one. However, Norwegian and Icelandic whaling is a strange topic (Japanese is a different story). Whaling in Norway and Iceland is a cultural thing and I’m pretty sure they use the whale for necessities rather than just to kill. I’m not defending them or anything and have no respect for hunters no matter the reason, it’s just there’s more to the story.